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Luxury Europe travel blog reveals the best destinations collected over the years of working, living and travelling in Europe. The accommodation can vary from camping to luxury hotels. The activities include hiking, driving, swimming, paddle boarding, thermal SPA and festivals. The blog is for active people willing to discover themselves and the world around us.

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    The choice of tent is most important decision to make among all other things needed for camping trip. I am truly fascinated by the new technologies when it comes to … Read More
  • Road Trip Checklist – Camping survival gadgets
    Nothing gives us a stronger sense of freedom than fun and adventurous road trip. And we always want things to go as smooth as possible, but for that, we need to … Read More
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    Inspirational road trip itinerary across Tuscany for the scenic drives.Taking epic pictures right from the car? Scenic drive through the countryside? Vineyards, thermal springs, UNESCO World Heritage? Look no further … Read More

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