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When flight is delayed- it’s time for an action, it’s about staying ahead of the game, beating the queues and re-planning your journey to minimise the time in airports. In my 20 years of travel I have experienced all kinds of travel disturbances and the best thing to do is to use alternative information source instead of relaying on official information which is usually delayed anyway.

Claim the compensation for flight delay via AirHelp. They deduct the service free from the compensation. Link here.

⚙️ Install Flightradar24 on your phone, it’s never too late – you can do it in the airport using free wi-fi offered by most airports. If you travel to exotic destinations- do it upfront.

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In the Flightradar24 select “find” icon and type your flight number less one number (If it’s U22815 then type U22814). That usually helps you to allocate the incoming flight unless your flight is the very first in the morning. Finding the incoming flight will give you information if the flight has left, how far it is and the most important- the arrival time.

The app displays all commercial flights in real time and you can watch your airplane approaching 😎

When you know the arrival time – think carefully- can you catch connecting flight and what are the options.

⏳If there is no chance to catch the connection => Go to Skyscanner to investigate your connections and only then approach the airline ground personnel. Smile and be polite regardless how stressed you are inside 😌

There is more information about relaxed traveling in my other posts. Check it out!

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The business lounge in Frankfurt airport.

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