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The way to Venice leads me through the small town in Belgium named Spa which is famous for two reasons:

1. It is known for its mineral-rich waters, it’s where the “original” spa name originated from, i.e. a place where tourists came in to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of water and hot springs in particular. The springs in Spa became so popular that the name became genericized to mean any such place.

2. Apart from the mineral waters, Spa also draws crowds several times a year when F1 racing and other events are held at the nearby Spa-Francorchamps racecourse.

Do you know where SPA originated? 1

I witnessed both today. You do not need booking for Les Thermes where 3 hours cost €20, full day €31. Although it is much more fun in winter with the heated outdoor pool.


Francorchamps were hosting world rally championship today with Latvian racer Jānis Baumanis car number 6 in the pics. Jānis did very well today, the final is tomorrow- I will need to follow up on the Internet.

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Do you know where SPA originated? 2Do you know where SPA originated? 3Do you know where SPA originated? 4Do you know where SPA originated? 5

Do you know where SPA originated? 6
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  1. WOW! The Spa World Rallycross must have been an adrenaline pumper! Did you have time to watch the whole show or did you just stop by for a little while?

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