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Tuscany is well known by the beauty of the landscape and wine production. Those qualities are so overwhelming that the hot springs in Tuscany are mostly forgotten. This article will give you insight of the natural hot spring streams and the sleek, upscaled resorts built around them.

Cascate di Saturnia the most famous hot spring in Tuscany

Just a few kilometers away from a small village Saturnia, natural and heaven-like waters spring to life and rushes down to create thermal waterfalls that are cherished and admired by both locals and visitors.
 Rich in Sulphur and other minerals it comes from an underground source, there is nothing quite like enjoying a truly natural and healing phenomenon that warms your body and soul to and is accessible all the time and free of charge! And to add the cherry on top, how about that Old Mill, perched just above the waters and green lush and mountainous landscape as a backdrop to all of this? Wow!

Terme Di Saturnia SPA and golf resort

If the above Cascate di Saturnia is absolutely free, then access to the origin of the spring is rather upscale Terme Di Saturnia. The spring origin itself is absolutely amazing place. The pool has natural bottom and it’s 3,5m deep. There are air bubbles slowly coming to the surface along with the spring water gently tickling you 🤗 

I would recommend visiting the spring outside of the summer months. The warm water is the most enjoyable surrounded by the cold crispy air.

There is also some debris floating around that apparently is good for you as people are rubbing the stuff in the skin🤣

To access the pool, you need to book yourself in the Terme di Saturnia SPA and golf resort.

Adler mediSPA hot spring resort in Tuscany

The thermal waters of Bogno Vignoni is charged with the healing powers from down the earth. At a depth of 1000m the water comes into contact with volcanic material which further warms it till 50 degrees celsius. On the picture you can see the difference between the spring water and pool water in colour. The first picture shows the stream of original 50 degree hot water flowing into the pool. The last picture in the middle shows the whole cycle of how the pool is constructed.

You don’t have to book hotel to visit the hot spring, there is day SPA available. It is not cheap- starts from €50 but absolutely worth it.

The Adler SPA has the most exquisite sauna I have ever been to!!! The glass walls and ceiling makes you feel as part of the nature. The sauna is located behind the main building on the lake with a cold dipping pool invitingly waiting for you near the cliff.

The ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE is both a source of energy and an active point of departure surrounded by the stunning landscape of Tuscany. 

Adler SPA Thermal offers the healing 36° thermal water from the depths of the earth. The great variety of treatments, ranging from specially developed ADLER Treatments to Ayurveda and Vinotherapy.

I will also add Adler Dolomiti SPA on my to visit short list. Stay tuned 🤗

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