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Inspirational road trip itinerary across Tuscany for the scenic drives.

Taking epic pictures right from the car? Scenic drive through the countryside? Vineyards, thermal springs, UNESCO World Heritage? Look no further than Tuscany.

Plan vs reality

I had very precise road trip itinerary planned across Tuscany. How difficult can it be to follow the plan? However I made the plan while I have never been in Tuscany before. Overwhelmed with the beauty of nature I could not resist changing the driving directions. I also learned about new places from fellow travellers. And I spotted signs while driving. Here I am – driving back and forth instead of following the plan.

The main deviation from the plan was. A: I did not drive to Adriatic coast as I was desperate to the iconic beauty of Tuscany. B: skipping thePortoferraio island. C: adding Cinque Terre national park.

For the next time I would go directly to Luxor Chianti Village Camping. It is conveniently located next to Siena offering easy drive to all directions. Is is worth staying longer to explore the villages of Val d’Orca. The picture on the right is the real drive with the green star for Luxor Chianti.

The historical charm

Bassano del Grappa was the starting point where the preserved medieval charm with a striking mountain backdrop simply lures you in to stay.
Dating all the way back to the year of 998 and fast-forward to the 16th century, a small town became known for its flourishing industry, especially ceramic works grappa (the strong Italian aperitif) and today it is most recognizable for its symbol – the old & soulful medieval bridge spanning over the river Brenta.
Whether it’s those little piazzas, that crisp mountain air or lovely churches with ancient castles and intriguing museums, staying in Bassano del Grappa will be your authentic and unforgettable experience and a perfect way to kickstart the around Tuscany road trip exploring vineyards and beaches .

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Adriatic coast beach road

Stops 1&2 , (see the map at the end) covering 235 km – just enough for a day’s drive.

From one idyllic coast to the other, in one road trip with no hassle at all. Italy is one of the few of those unique countries that can offer that. We start off by riding along the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, the turquoise and beautiful Adriatic Sea.
First, we pass through and stop to admire Delta Po for a while, one of the largest wetland areas in the continent. Not only its where nature and people live side by side, but it is also home to more than 400 species of birds. A true paradise for nature lovers!
The road trip continues with driving close to the shore until we reach a lively and vibrant area of Lido di Savio, lined up with restaurants, camping sites, and hotels. A perfect place to finally unpack that tent!

The fabulous road trip itinerary accros Tuscany 10

Two days in the fabulous Tuscany vineyards

The next destination is only 200 km from the Adriatic cost. The two days break in itinerary. Absolutely worth of spending two days (stops 3&4) relaxing in the beautiful scenery, flying drone and tasting wine🍷 .

chin chin

The fabulous road trip itinerary accros Tuscany 11
Click on the picture to open the map in the new tab

One cannot claim being in Tuscany without visiting the famous wine tasting venues . It is now becoming a well oiled industry and extra marketing channel for small local vineyards. It is very nice to listen to the history and old legends while sipping wine.

I visited Villa Trasqua which is continently located 400 m from the Luxor Chianti Camping Village offering vine tasting tours. Villa Trasqua is not merely a wine, but a experience that takes root in the heart of Tuscany. Its proximity to the confines of the Chianti Classico, has enabled the Estate to unite the traditions of this ancient territory with the innovation of a more worldly outlook since more than fifty years. Book your tour in advance by calling the winery.

Luxor Chianti Camping Village

Luxor Chianti Village is the solution for your Camping in Tuscany. It is located near the top attractions including Florence, Siena, Chianti and local villages. Easy drive  to Siena. 400 meters till the wine tasting- what else can you wish for.

The 95 pitches, ranging from 60 to 100 square meters, ideal for camping in tents, campers and caravans. The campsite extends over medium-sized grounds bordered by oak trees that characterize the forest. Not all pitches has electricity but you can plug in your devices in the utility building or ask bar/ reception to charge your unit. The WiFi is at the restaurant area but I could not get it working at a reliable download speed. The utilities are in excellent condition, free showers and free access to pool with extra charge for washing machine.

Excellent campsite, enough trees and shade, clean facilities. I loved evenings in the restaurant next to swimming pool. The pool itself was big enough to accommodate all holiday lovers.

Cascate del Mulino

Only 127 km away the thermal springs are waiting, I hope for a cool weather to relax in the naturally warm water …

Just a few kilometers away from a small village Saturnia, natural and heaven-like waters spring to life. The stream rushes down to create thermal waterfalls that are cherished and admired by both locals and visitors.
Rich in Sulphur and other minerals the water comes from an underground source. There is nothing quite like enjoying a truly natural and healing phenomenon that warms your body and soul. To make it even better, the place is accessible at all the times and free of charge!
And to add the cherry on top, how about that Old Mill, perched just above the waters? All surrounded by the green lush with mountainous landscape as a backdrop to all of this? Wow!

The Cascate del Mulino (in the photograph aboveThe composition of the deposits, from the scientific point of view, are composed of “a sulphurous-carbonic, sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline mineral water, and includes among its peculiarities the presence of two dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide“. The thermal waters have a temperature of 37.5 °C and therapeutic and relaxing properties.) are probably the most famous natural springs in Tuscany. The waterfalls are made of several natural pools of warm thermal water, as well as a relaxing waterfall. They are open to the public and free throughout the entire year.

Terme di Saturnia SPA & Golf Resort

The Saturnia spring origin is located in the Terme di Saturnia SPA resort. The SPA is absolutely amazing place! The luxury built around the origin of Saturnia thermal spring. The outdoor pool has a natural bottom that is 3,5m deep. There are air bubbles slowly coming to the surface along with the spring water gently tickling you 🤗 
There is also some debris floating around that apparently is good for you as people are rubbing the stuff in the skin🤣

I would highly recommend to indulge yourself with the well being even for the short period of time if the itinerary does not allow to settle. The best time for visiting is late autumn or early spring when one can benefit from cold, crispy air and the warms of the water bubling up from the depth of Earth.

Portoferraio 2 Nights break from the around Tuscany road trip

Here we go – another excitement the stop 6 after 171 km and a shot ferry ride

As vineyards and thermal waterfalls fade away in a rearview mirror the road trip is progressing. As lovely as those places were, something lovely is coming up on the horizon and it is only right that we dedicate 3 beautiful days and 2 peaceful nights in the island of Elbo, and its biggest city – the historic Portoferraio.
The former exile of Napoleon has truly a lot to offer, especially for nature enthusiasts and active travelers. Anything from exploring small picturesque villages, strong fortresses and intriguing museums to hiking up the mountains. Spending time in some of the finest beaches or even diving to discover shipwrecks. You name it!
Founded in 1548, the town of Portoferraio itself offers a diverse choice of accommodations. But there’s nothing quite like those buildings perched on steep slopes while surrounded by mountains and the sea. Island of Elbo is truly a diamond in a rough, just one step off the coast of Tuscany!

Cecina the next road trip itinerary across Tuscany

The fabulous road trip itinerary accros Tuscany 38

Can you feel the gentle breeze already? We are closing into the long-awaited coastline of Ligurian Sea.

From the first glance, Cecina might seem like a small and quite simple coastal town. In reality, it’s a treasure chest worth millions, waiting to be discovered!
Where waves rise and fall, you will find golden sand beaches surrounded by a centuries-old pine forest. The beautiful trails that invite for a fantastic outdoor recreation, whether it’s hiking, biking or horseback riding. Take your preference and discover great diversity in vegetation and wildlife together.
And to wrap it all up for nature lovers, there are campsites to pitch your tent and sleep under the stars!
It’s also an ancient land. The history goes so far back, even to the Neolithic period. There are of archeological sites, exhibitions, artefacts and ruins with roots digging deep into our world’s past.

Pizza – cannot plan the road trip itinerary across Tuscany without it

After unlocking as much treasure from Cecina as possible during our stop there, we continue onwards to our next pass-through stop, the city of Pisa. Sounds familiar?
If you have a chance to visit the iconic city and even more legendary leaning tower of Pisa, you take it! The city is must see as it hosts an unmatched sightseeing experience with history and timeless architecture. Charming rivers and mountains are present in the distance providing beautiful views.

The fabulous road trip itinerary accros Tuscany 39

To wrap it all up, head up to climb the famous tower that just keeps on leaning to catch some premiere vistas of the city and take the mandatory selfie 😄

Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park as the last stop for the road trip itinerary across Tuscany

255 km and two sightseeing stops will be busy day, a quiet evening in with two days of wilderness adventure ahead to conclude my vacation

Nature-lovers rejoice! Another jewel is on the way. A big one, in fact, taking over more than 26,000 hectares together with some of the highest peaks in the region and unique flora and fauna that thrive in these high mountain areas.
The glacier craters are sparkling with pristine lakes and wild rivers run through striking valleys. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve breathes life with wolves roaming through rare orchids and golden eagles flying above looking down on plants and bushes that date back to the glacial era.
It presents an extraordinary chance to wake your inner adventurer up and venture out, whether it’s hiking or biking! The park is also equipped with an extensive variety of choices for accommodations, including various campgrounds, mountain huts, and even hotels. Find your peace here, in the vastness of pure nature.

As much as the wild and breathing natural surroundings invite and tempts us for wild camping overnight to get even closer to nature, unfortunately, it is illegal in Italy.
The vast area of the park hosts multiple campsites that are just as wild and close to nature as it can be, with some of them providing mountains views of a lifetime.

Solo road trip itinerary across Tuscany
Anafi 1.5.6
The fabulous road trip itinerary accros Tuscany 43
Count the stars, reflect on the beautiful trip or maybe even start visualizing the next one.
End of the road trip itinerary across Tuscany


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