Tent buying guide: the top 10 tents I would buy

I wrote this guide for myself when my tent broke down and I had to make the choice of what to buy next. I hope it helps you as well to make the right decision.  

I am truly fascinated by all new technologies when it comes to gadgets or any other object that can enhance our experience. The discovery of the new camping trends is earth shattering. I was overwhelmed first but by burning midnight oil and reading all available information I discovered some patterns how to make the choice easier.  I am sharing my insights and the new cutting edge technology overview. 

Below you can see the huge variation in tents available on Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, without extra cost to you.

One can also pick up a cheap tent in supermarkets that will be fine for a couple of nights if you are not sure if camping is your “thing”. 

Since the technologies are developing fast – you might be surprised of the functionality and design provided by the modern tents. Not sure if camping is for you? Check the Easy camping road trip checklists LINK

🔶 Classic full size pole tents

Large family tents accommodating 6-8 people are very popular. Always buy a size bigger to count for the extra storage space . The plus side – you can afford the foldable bed in the full size tent and you don’t need to crawl in. The Grand Canyon tent is typically used to set up glamping accommodations at the festivals or you can surprise your guests with glamping offer in your backyard.

Things needed for camping trip
Example how to set up glamping in your backyard.

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🔶 Inflatable family size tent

However, I would recommend a tent that is easy to put up and is also full height – allowing you to stand up inside it. The most practical solution is an inflatable tent with ample storage place.The Vango Odyssey tent is inflatable with the air beams replacing poles as the main difference. They are breeze to put up on your own, you don’t need second hands. Inflatable tents holds really well in high winds, much better than pole tents.

🔶 Inflatable tents for adventures

The Heimplanet inflatable dome tent is my favourite. Brilliant design using the newest technology advantages and offering a quick set up thanks to a simple inflation procedure. It is very stable and windproof with a geodesic structure. Inflation erects the frame, inner tent and flysheet. Check before buying, you need to pick the right inner tent option for 3 or 4 seasons. The 4 season tent is more expensive.

Tent buying guide
Tent buying guide

Check out more information about the advantages of the inflatable tents in the bog www.coolofthewild.com

🔶 Off-ground tents

OFF-GROUND TENT: The tent is far away from the ground and makes the stay more pleasant, so that you no longer feel the rain and the cold on the floor. The down side – you cannot stand up there and you would need a shelter or gazebo to secure comfortable outdoors space.

The most popular is tentsile tent, also called a stingray or tree tent. Tentsiles are suspended off the ground, using 3 trees as anchor points combining the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security of a tent. Unlike traditional hammocks, our Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks are great for front, back and side sleepers as they don’t sag in the middle. Check out www.tentsile.co.uk for more information.

Setting up the tentsile is really easy, if in doubt watch this YouTube video.

The cot tent above is slightly unusual concept for Europe while it is very popular for fishing trips in USA. The downsize – you can hardly sit in there, cannot stand at all. The plus side – it is off the ground and easy to climb in and out.

🔶 Car roof tents

Car roof tents are also classified as an off-ground tent where you don’t have to worry about the surface beneath you. However there are two cons: these tents are quite expensive to buy and they are not practical if you wish stay in one place for a longer period of time and use your car for day trips. You will need to remove the tent every morning.

The pickup trunk tent is much cheaper but you would need to remove all your stuff out of the trunk to free up the space for tent.

🔶 Travelling light in the wilderness

Travelling light – the pop-up tent is ideal. The Coleman lightweight tent is for when space really matters. For example when you are backpacking, hiking or biking. I would suggest the bigger pop-up tent even when travelling alone. The pop-up tent unfolds automatically, folding it back takes some practice.

🔶 Tent buying guide for floating tents

I love paddle boarding and canoeing on the rivers but you cannot always find a camping place on the river bank. The floating tent is solution. The most revolutionary is Universe tent by Tentsile.

Tent buying guide

Tentsile Universe 5-Person Tree Tent is the world’s first Three-Element Tent. The tent can be pitched in the air, on the ground or even float on water. Press for the link.

The floating inflatable tent does not seem so cool anymore after reviewing the Universe. However it is practical and comfortable without cutting edge technologies. It can hold small waves without getting water inside, important if you wish to spend the night warm and dry.

🔶 Things needed for camping trip – small essentials

You don’t have to sleep on the ground unless you want to. A kingsize inflatable bed is at your disposal. Or a single foldable bed if you prefer.

Do not forget about the rechargeable pump from Coleman that operates on batteries as well to inflate your tent or mattress. And the light led lantern with Bluetooth speaker.

Things needed for camping trip

Red Paddle changing coat/jacket is my most valuable investment to start and end the day when walking to the campsite communal showers in the evening and mornings. Shield yourself from the elements with the jacket, a robe designed with outdoor adventures in mind. The outline is waterproof with super soft moisture wicking fur lining – pulls water away from skin, drying you effectively and keeping you super warm . The definite thing needed for camping trip!

Check out the camping survival gadgets for more product reviews.

🔶 Festival gear for standing out

While searching for tents, I came up with a jazzy selection of festival gear from Coleman. The combination of black and red colours will make you stand out from the crowd. And you can always supplement the collection with other black or red items to maintain the cool look. The Dome tent in the centre is a full-stand tent which is also compact in size. It remains the most comfortable and popular tent in the Coleman range and has many great reviews. Unfortunately the black and red model is sold out.

Read more about Love Supreme Jazz festival in the survival guide.

tent Buying guide
Colman festival collection

Pick from the recommended Coleman selection above or search type Coleman or any other search word in the box below to check the items without leaving the page.

I hope the tent buying guide is making your tent selection easier and is inspiring you to plan the next trips. For camping trip ideas check out the fabulous road trip itinerary across Tuscany LINK

Fill the comment place below to share your favorite brand and any new trend that’s not covered in the article. Perhaps you already have an experience with the products above? Please share 🤗

Have a fun camping trip, enjoy!

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