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Are you ready for something extraordinary during your vacation? Do you want to enhance your FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram feed with the DOLOMITES: ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTS as stunning as professional photography? Dolomites mountain range is the best iconic photography spot combined with hiking and exploration of the amazing nature.

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 1
Print screen from Pinterest.

Dolomites is truly amazing place of outstanding beauty combined with South Tyrol hospitality and traditions! The scenery is earth shattering, even beginner with a phone can make the stunning pro style pictures. It is also educational and recreational journey as you will learn a lot and will need to stretch your legs as some places are difficult to reach. You will witness a showcase of natural evolution and a masterpiece of its creation. DolomitiMountain Range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 350,000 acres of pure bliss. Find out why this incredible Dolomites region of Italian Alps is a must-have journey in a lifetime and how to create the long lasting memories. 

The best time for photography

For the best chance of the sunny weather try to avoid August. There is a good chance of clear days end of October, especially if you plan to come over for a week.

All pictures are taken with iPhone, for the cloudy day shoots filters are applied. All apps for used filters are listed at the end of blog.


 Autumn is my most favourite and recommended time to visit the the lakes and take hikes in Dolomites. Although the water might be low in lakes, there are other benefits to consider. The low season hotel prices. Less tourists to share the hiking paths with. The beautiful colours of larch tree needles turning golden yellow. The air is crisp and fresh. The autumn is also a fabulous time for photography to embrace the symphony of colours.

Location & Geology

The breathtaking Dolomites are located in the northeast of Italy. The mountain range shares their beauty with provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol, and Trentino. A trip to the gateway of Dolomites mountain range, the city of Bolzano would take around 3 hours from Milan either by car or train.

The very first connection between the Dolomites and its geologylies in the name. ‘Dolomite’ – the double calcium carbonatemineral was first discovered in these mountains by the French scientist Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801). He was the first to describe the mineral.

Lakes beyond glamorous for iconic photography

As glorious as it is from a distance, Dolomite mountain range truly shines once you step inside. It is home to crystal clear and pristine glacier lakes. Nothing but extraordinary, these sparkling and fresh mountain lakes will showcase the beauty of nature like you have never seen before.

Let’s discover some of the most dreamy lakes out there that are favourite locations for most Instagram influencers.

 Lake Sorapis. DOLOMITES ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHY SPOT for hiking trail

 – Sorapis just might be the most magical one. Perched at the altitudes of 1,900 meters it is here to steal the show. The calm turquoise waters and mighty cliffs as the backdrop will paint you a picture worth millions. The only way to access the Sorapis lake is to hike. The shortest route is 6 km with 200m elevation.

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 2
Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 3
The “easy”;trail is #215 which is well marked and visible from the road. You can park cars along the road free of charge.

The trail is well maintained with grips and stairs in the most challenging parts of the trail. However it’s not a walk for children. The hike takes an average more than 2 hours for inexperienced hiker. You can take stunning pictures and video along the trail.

The parking address where the trail starts: Near SR48, 6, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo BL, Italy

However if you are well fit with excess of the energy when reaching the lake you can take the more challenging route on the way back. I only made the easy trail. The 400 m elevated hike is well described in the blog

The colour of water of lake Sorapis is awesome, even when the water level is low. Plan your hike early in the morning to get the sun shining from the best angle. I made it quite late and got the mountain shadow across the lake.

My best shot of the Sorapis lake with some filters applied to enhance the colours


– Located in Alta Pusteria, the green emerald lake is named the Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes for a reason. Listed as bathing but chilling, the lake invites the bravest to jump in and admire the massive Seekofel mountain at the same. The lake can be very crowded in the summer. The hike around the lake is very easy 5 km long with many picnic places.

Parking for Lake Braies: St.Veit, 27, 39030 Braies BZ, Italy

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 9
There are several famous mountain peeks visible from the lake.

You cannot go wrong when taking pictures of this iconic place. There are boats for rent if you wish different perspective of the lake or picnic on the boat. You can even hire professional photographers for €150 to provide you with the instagram shoots.


lake Misurina, the iconic stop on the road

Lake Misurina is easy to reach and you can take the stunning pictures literally from your car. No walking required. It is located on the road SP49 leading to the lake Sorapis. Lake Misurina is the largest natural lake of the Cadore and it is 1,754 m above sea level, near Auronzo di Cadore. The lake’s perimeter is 2.6 km long, while the maximum depth is 5 m. Near the lake there are about ten hotels with accommodation for around 500 people. It is very touristy and might be crowded at the high season but the backdrop of the mountains reflecting in the lake is amazing.


Lake Carezza the iconic fairytale lake

 – Located 30 min drive from Bolzano. The lake is true gem reflecting shades of blue and emerald green. It’s easy to reach with large paid parking and the rest stop, just google Lago Di Carezza. The lake is rather small: 300 m long and 140 m wide at an altitude of 1520 m. The stroll around the lake is 2 km with many places to rest and enjoy the amazing games of colours. There are more hiking trails leading to the lake if you are up to the exercise. The lake has beautiful panorama of massive mountain ranges in the background. You can easily catch the mountain reflection in the water.

Lago Di Carezza is the fairytale lake of Dolomites, known in Ladin language as the rainbow lake due to changing colours. There is a myth of beautiful water nymph living here.

Today the lake is one of the classic tourist destinations of the Trentino-Alto Adige. In the winter, it is visited by divers who record documentaries of the colors of the underground waters.

The images above are without filters. Below you can see my best shot for the fairytale lake with filters applied.


Awe inspiring peaks – easy hikes at the iconic places

As impressive as those lakes are, the towering peaks of Dolomites are here to steal the show. The mountain range boasts dozens of peaks that are over 3,000 meters high. Dominating the Alpine skyline, these three peaks will enhance you in a very special way.

The long peak Sassolungo

The SaslonchSassolungo or Langkofel (Ladin: Saslonch; Italian: Sassolungo; German: Langkofel) (3,181m) is the highest mountain of the Langkofel Group in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. The name translates to “long peak” / “long rock” in all three languages. It stands over the Ladin community of Val Gardena.

You can either get distant panoramic view by taking the cable car from Ortisei or drive closer to the Sella pass at 2218.

The address for Sella pass: Sella Pass, 39048 Sëlva, South Tyrol, Italy.


The drive crossings Sella pass is absolute must when you are in the area. The scenery is breathtaking! You only need the weather to cooperate 😉 to create the best DOLOMITES: ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTS in this location. And 30 min later you can reach the fairytale lake Carezza.

The rescue mission in action


– The iconic Three Peaks of Lavaredo are the most recognized peaks in all of Dolomites. Three striking battlement-like peaks once formed a border between Italy and Austria, while today they form an unforgettable memory.

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 16
Just when you find the blue sky too boring. The Tre Crime picture is dramatically modified by changing sky to the night time as an example of what’s possible with the right app. The app is called Quickshot.

You can drive to the peaks and park the car very close by but that will cost you €30. The hike around the Tre Crime takes 4 hours, so plan a day trip.

The parking location on google maps: Tre Cime Rifugio Auronzo, 32041, 32041 Auronzo di Cadore BL, Italy.


The great scenery and easy walk at the altitude of 2000 m is at Pratto Piazza. It will cost you €8 to drive the last 5km but the view is worth it. If you follow the trail with further elevation of 400m you can see Tre Crimes from the distance.

The parking address: 39030 Prato Piazza South Tyrol, Italy.


Val di Funes – St Maddalena

One more spot which I miss in my travels but definitely worth visiting is Location: Val Di Funes – Santa Maddalena View. The shot below is not from iPhone: the really fairy tale-like picture is taken with zoom lens by Jessica.

Photography in the Dolomites can be challenging as the light changes year round. The hardest part is definitely finding these locations, so we wanted to share a guide to not only capturing these incredible places but how to get to them too. Follow the link to learn more.

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 17
picture from

Useful apps for photo editing

👍The most useful and completely free is Snapseed. About 30+ tools available at your fingertip in one single app! I have not used them all yet but my favourite is the perspective change particularly useful when taking building pictures with the phone.

Dolomites: the Iconic photography spots as seen on instagram 18

👍The next one is Quickshot, the one where you can change the sky and select many filters, primers and add effects. The “magic” button is very handy just to enhance the colours and the resolution.

👍Retouch I use to remove small imperfections like electric wires for example.

👍FaceApp is really great when you wish to look fresh on the top of mountain after a hard hike: your face is sweaty and hair a mess. That can easily be fixed with FaceApp. You can also apply makeup or add a beard 😉. Click for some examples .

👍And of course the Lightroom which requires more advance learning and you can also purchase filter presets from great photographers.

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