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When genuinely grateful, all negative emotions dissolve giving place to the peaceful mindfulness. Bring magic in your life with Gratitude Book Spiritual Journal.  It is essential to remind yourself of what good has happened today, yesterday, the day before. The life quality is increasing with each day you start or end with positive emotions. Nothing is too small for gratitude – it can be an easy trip, a good book, co-workers smile, a cup of tea.

The Gratitude Book / Spiritual Journal

I nāve created the Gratitude Journal based on our experience and the best practice. There are many spiritual journals available. However I could not find the right one on the market. This journal is very popular among my friends, and now available to you as well with a small profit margin. I am committing myself to document my gratitude weekly in a weekly blog using the same principles that formed basis of the journals.


The Gratitude Journal is 52 weeks guide to help establishing the practice of gratitude. There is a short explanation of how to start the journal and how to create the vision board to reflect your dreams at the beginning of the book. The journal has 52 weekly spreads with quotes and ideas for appreciation to help you with writing. One page of each opening is left blank for your thoughts. Set aside a few quiet moments every week to fill the journal. Be creative – write your dreams, your vision, your ambitions. Write down all acts of kindness, all good luck you experience. There is nothing too small for gratitude.

The outline of the Spiritual Journal: Gratitude Book

A perspective of monthly summary follows the 52 weeks chapter. The two calendar year layout, gives you ample space to summarize your monthly highlights. Your chosen 52 weeks interval does not have to match the calendar year. You can start the gratitude journey at any moment of time.

There is congratulation page at the end of the journal along with an inspirational book list.

The right time to start the spiritual journal is right now! Embed the gratitude habit into your daily life and watch your life change. The established practice of gratitude, yoga and meditation have changed my life and well-being. I wish to spread the positive vibes of making the world a better place for all of us.

Vision Board and your end-goal

Do you know how the good looks like? Do you know what makes you happy? Establish the end goal before you start your spiritual journal – something that excites and inspires you. Follow your heart.

Vishen Lakhiani, in his book “The code of the extraordinary mind” defines three the most important questions to ask when creating a vision for your future:
Question 1: What experiences do you want to have? (love, relationship, friendship, adventures, environment)
Question 2: How do you want to grow? (health and fitness, intellectual life, skills, spiritual life)
Question 3: How do you want to contribute? (career, creative life, family life, community life).

How to create a vision board

Create a vision board or a list. Write down the things and conditions you truly want. Do not be afraid of wishing too much or dreaming too big. Write down your vision on the end goals leading to your happiness. Do not focus only on material things, cover all the categories named within the three questions above. Question each item you add to the list: imagine having it – how does it make you feel? Are you closer to your end goal? Make a list very precise. Be more definite. Describe each details.

There are two general contradictions when learning about the vision board concept:
1) some spiritual leaders prefer to leave out the “when” while others prefer to add the timeline.
2) some sources recommend keeping the list private so that people do not talk you out of it. In contrast, others, including Vishen Lakhiani, supports public visions to find supporters and collaborators.
The choice is yours.


Your first vision board can be a stepping stone to the greater dream, but you need to keep the end goal in your sight and move towards it.
Get back to your vision board/list every time you open the journal. Re-read it as often as you can. Say thank you for each step that brings you closer to your dreams.
Be creative with your vision board/list – use stickers, pictures, drawings. Make it visually appealing.

Where to buy the Spiritual Journal: The Gratitude Book

The spiritual journals are available in three different cover designs, with soft and hardcover print options. The quality hardcover print is available on Blurb. The price depends on the paper and print quality.

The more affordable version with fast (Prime) delivery can be found on and

Click on the image above to buy the soft cover flexible, high-gloss laminated cover from Blurb
Gratitude Book / Journal
Click on the image above to buy the soft cover flexible, high-gloss laminated cover from Blurb
Gratitude Book / Journal
Click on the image above to buy the soft cover flexible, high-gloss laminated cover or hardcover image wrap from Blurb

There is lovely gratitude blog post by Melissa Donovan if you need inspiration

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