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The second week of the year – total chaos. I love living on suitcases but it’s getting slightly extreme even for me. I don’t know what the Universe is trying to convey but I totally believe that Universe has my back. Perhaps giving me some input for the blog entries 🤣. I am starting my trip with one way ticket in my pocket, I do not know when I am coming back home.

January 6, the flight is delayed. I missed my connected flight. The call to the travel agency is sorting everything out. I am checked in for the next flight and rearranging pick up time with the taxi company. Finally good to go, the destination reached with 5 hours delay. That’s ok, I spent the time working in the Frankfurt airport lounge. Submit your claim to AirHelp if we want a hassle free handling. AirHelp will deduct their service from the compensation received. Link here.

After few days….

End of the week could not be more welcome. My new car is up for delivery on Friday. I have been waiting for the new lease car since May 2019. I have never driven Mercedes E class!

The universe that has my back - week 2 gratitude 1
The universe that has my back - week 2 gratitude 2

Hold on … The car is not delivered … a wrong type of tires installed. I cannot drive a car with summer tires in January, can I? January is still the winter month even if without a snow this year. After few deep breath and meditation to calm my mind I realise that the world does not stop and goes on even without the Mercedes E class car at my disposal. That’s ok, I bought flight tickets to all destinations in Europe where I wanted to drive. Good to go again 💃

Still grateful to the Universe and expecting new opportunities and new experiences to unfold. Not fussing about the car.

The Universe that has my back

End of the last year, my friends has moved to the new (or rather very old) rental property – vicarage house located right on the graveyard. I have friends now living in the graveyard.

The universe that has my back - week 2 gratitude 8

Hmm…what a superb story to tell: I visited my friends living in the graveyard. Are your friends zombies? 🤣

The universe that has my back - week 2 gratitude 9

After the night in a heaven at my friends house, I am on the road again. Time to vacate the self storage, the bill will exceed the value of the stored items soon. As brave as I am, stepping in the empty storage building late in the evening is slightly unsettling. Many horror movie scenes are crossing my mind. Great, packed and good to go but nope. The key stopped working: access denied when trying to leave the building. How about being trapped in the empty ( or…what if it’s not empty 🧟‍♂️) industrial storage place? How many of you have been there night approaching? But the Universe has my back again and I can leave when some Chinese guys are entering the building.

Off to Mainland …

Sunday January 12, leaving England now and travelling to continent or mainland. North of France is my destination for the next three days. Looking forward to the small town with Thermal spa and casino. Apparently in France, one can build casinos only at the cost or where thermal waters are located. If you are able to come up with a reason- let me know.

The Niederbronn-les-Bains commune incorporates two mineral water springs, one of them, first exploited more than two thousand years ago, known as the Roman Spring and the other known as the Celtic Spring:  Celtic Springbranded water is widely available in the area. The waters’ curative properties are recommended against rheumatism and degenerative illnesses. The spa tradition today supports a more general tourist industry in the little town, which even boasts its own casino.

Where to stay

You can stay in Hotel Mueller with very nice SPA however without thermal waters and open only till 7pm.

Or, I can highly recommend the guest house Le Gentilhommière set in a 19th-Century Alsatian farm house, Le Gentilhommière offers guest accommodation in the thermal town of Niederbronn-les-Bains, and is just 150 m from the train station and the heart of the city. There is a garden and a terrace on site. 

The universe that has my back - week 2 gratitude 13
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