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The week 3 gratitude is about revealing the travel secret that keeps me going for 20+ years. I am among the vast amount of business travelers swarming in airports and on planes. Each of us have his/her ritual keeping us fit and sane. This week’s gratitude is a thank you for the smooth voyage this week and many more journeys to come.

The travel secret that nobody reveals - week 3 gratitude 1

I am incredibly grateful for the smooth journey this week: Flight to Amsterdam, drive to northern France, return flight from Frankfurt. With two flights and two long drives, this was intense traveling week. Thank you Universe for making it a pleasant experience.

Making myself comfortable is my paramount travel secret. Use every opportunity to rest. Sit down in a comfortable environment, make sure chairs are ergonomic. Energize yourself with a simple daily energy routine by Donna Eden (watch youtube). This route truly helps and is advisable to perform it daily. I even perform the ritual several times a day if I feel like getting sick and I am miraculous back in a shape.

Travel secret

Any breathing exercise or meditation can help to restart your brain. As an example- I am listening audio books on audible app. Download a couple of books before you go to keep your mind entertained and filled with gratitude.

Mindful travelling with grateful attitude will make your voyage much more relaxed. There is no point of getting upset about turmoils on the road – you never know what awaits you. Perhaps the holdup or detour is saving you from a greater disaster or even an accident. Trust the Universe and surrender when on the road. The journey will unfold the way it’s best for you.

Frankfurt airport business lounge

Choose the most comfortable resting area in the airport or pay extra to enter a business lounge. This week I was travelling via Frankfurt. It cost 25€ to enter the Miles & More business lounge. You can have unlimited drinks and food, relaxed atmosphere, seating and free WiFi. Some lounges also offer shower and silent boots for phone calls or work.

Be careful with using alcohol, especially when it’s free. The danger is that you might get relaxation feeling after a glass or two but that will quickly turn into fatigue and dehydration.

Travel secret
Note: Lufthansa lounges in Frankfurt only accepts paying guests outside of peak hours, or you need to be accompanied by a frequent traveller or business class passenger. Always ask, it wont hurt. The business lounges are normally ”hidden” behind the closed doors away from the regular travelers.

The complete list of the businesses lounges: Lounges at the Frankfurt airport. These lounges are accessible for business class passengers or passengers with a certain entitlement. Relax and enjoy yourself before your flight in the attractively furnished lounges (if you are entitled 🙄).

The travel secret of packing light

I have been travelling for 20 years, literally living on the suitcases. I do not unpack even when at home, just replace my clothes. And I can survive several weeks with my hand luggage only. The secret: vacuum bags. The items that I can pack in my hand luggage using vacuum bags:

  • Two jersey dresses
  • Two knitted dresses
  • Two pairs of trousers/skirts
  • Three jumpers
  • Jacket or two
  • Boots/ shoes ( always take one extra pair)
  • Swimming suit and lingerie

Leggings and jumper is the best outfit to dress when on the road. Make sure you have breathable materials, not synthetic. I can easily hand wash the items in a hotel sink using hotel toiletries or use the dry cleaning service – no need to carry loads of wardrobe items with you.

However, the quality of items is extremely important when you travel light. Invest in fewer high quality items is the best advice (see the shopping guide in London). The vacuum bag us the best option to keep the volume compressed however even the best quality items gets crumbled. The solution- splash the water from the shower on the items and let it dry overnight on the hanger.

The travel secret night ritual upon arrival at the hotel

I have a practice of grounding myself before I go to sleep on the arrival day. You only need a stainless spoon (watch the video). And as weird as it might seem, I do travel with the stainless spoon in my backpack. With the modern transport we can reach far destinations in a short time span while our soul is traveling at a much lover speed. I need to ground myself after arrival making sure I am united with my soul.

Travel secret

The next important routine is to refresh yourself in a shower regardless how late it is and how tired you are. The after shower freshness will make your sleep more restful.

Sometimes I cannot sleep when too exhausted. On those occasions, I put on some meditation music and recall everything and everyone I am grateful for. It is truly amazing exercise. The mind filled with gratitude has no space left for negativity. Gratitude has amazing power of lifting your mood. Complete surrender to gratitude is the secret here. Put all other thoughts aside and recall everything you are grateful for. Imagine spreading your love across the Universe to reach and protect the ones you love. Send your blessing to the world. Fake it till you make it. Keep practicing the gratitude and surrender, the more you do = the most natural it will start feeling.

There are many apps claiming to make your sleep better. Any ritual will help to clear your head. The worst you can do is browsing social media and reading news before the bed time. Make sure you reach at least the minimum sleep limit you need when on the road. And start you day with gratitude as a first thing of your morning ritual.

Travel secret

The rituals are extremely important when travelling. The familiar routine will keep you grounded while in unknown environment. Surround yourself with familiar scents, music, take your favorite tea with you- make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. Wrap yourself in your own bubble of happiness.

Good night- sleep tight

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