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There is the new culture of wellbeing oasis and awakening spreading among the population of the Earth. The Van der Valkhotel chain is embracing the wellness concept and offering sanctuary to the travelers for affordable price range.

Family of Van der Valk is possibly one of the hardest working family in the Netherlands. They own the hotel chain Van der Valk. It is the largest Dutch hospitality chain, with more than 65 locations in the Netherlands and more than 15 in other countries. Besides hotels, Van der Valk also operates the Avifauna Bird Park in Alphen aan den Rijn. Its logo is based on the toucan. Next time you see the logo on a highway – stop by and expect a nice surprise of Dutch hospitality.

Unexpected oasis of wellbeing. Week 4 gratitude 1

I had an opportunity to experience Van der Valk hospitality this week, and I am very grateful to the Universe for this chance.

The chain was founded by Martien and Rie van der Valk in 1939 when they opened their first hotel. After World War II the Van der Valks and their 11 children expanded the business with a number of hotel restaurants. This was continued by their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In 1982 Toos van der Valk, the wife of company head Gerrit van der Valk was kidnapped by Italian criminals and held captive for 21 days. After a ransom of 13 million guilders was paid she was released.

Since 2000 the chain is a franchise enterprise, but with the stipulation that every franchise holder must be a descendant of Martien van der Valk. Martinus Van der Valk was the youngest sibling in a family of 24 children. Maybe that’s the reason he always took every chance he saw.

Now, the refurbished and newly built Van der Valk hotels are state of the art. The concept of van der Valk is to place the hotels on highways for comfort of business travelers. You will not find the hotels squeezed and crumpled in the old towns. The spaciousness and rich decorations has become a signature of the new Van der Valks. Although the chain is massive, unlike Marriott, Hilton and few other corporate hotel chains, you can expect unique atmosphere in each Van der Valk.

Unexpected oasis of wellbeing. Week 4 gratitude 2
The New Van der Valk Apeldoorn
Unexpected oasis of wellbeing. Week 4 gratitude 3
Unexpected oasis of wellbeing. Week 4 gratitude 4

I love the touch of luxury they tend to provide in each place. For example Dyson hair dryer that cost €360, or sun shower helping you to wake up or enormous bath in the middle of the guest room. The fitness rooms are not always in the center of attention but the value of restaurants are unbeatable. The restaurants are very often a gathering place for locals as well as travelers offering design and value for the evening out.

The swimming pool I visited this week is a superb place for wellbeing. The kind I will build when (not if!) my business is picking up. There is fireplace and cozy leather sofas, kitchenet and dinner table, lounges and hanging hammocks for your relaxation accompanied with mellow music in the background. The swimming pool is stretching outside in the garden with sauna huts in the distance. And that’s all for slightly over 100 euros per night.

I can not wait to get back to my oasis of wellness. Thank you Universe for this pleasant experience.

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