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Do you think that paperback planners and spiritual journals will vanish with the digital era? Seriously? You are so wrong! The demand for paper write-in books is massively growing. The mindfulness, awakening and well-being is the new trend bringing magic and miracles in our life. And while utilizing the modern technologies for outwards communications (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc) the inwards journey to yourself: your guides, the Universe, the God is where the handwriting experience is irreplaceable. We should also consider the security aspect of spiritual online writing where you have limited control and constant fear of hackers attack revealing personal information to public. Keep you thoughts, inspirations, planners, spiritual journals and secrets safe!

The B&W (Black and White) Publishing house vision is to create a dazzling and inspiring content to support the journey inside you, the journey without a distance. There are several streams of planners and spiritual journals to choose from:

  • Productivity books and business workbooks to help you find more hours within a day and succeed with business
  • Personal planners and trackers: Fitness, Meal planners, Travel planners
  • Write-in journals: Spiritual guided journals, Gratitude, Law of attraction, diaries.

Productivity Books

Too much to do  and no time for anything?
Does it have to be that way?
Meet Lisa, Steve, Kristina, Sam and Sarah – the fictional characters of the non-fictional productivity book “Focus: work made easy“ by Elyssa Fields.
They are facing challenges in their personal and professional life. Will they make the right choices and will their life change?
You will love the simplicity and easy read of “Focus: Work Made Easy” book.

Planners and spiritual journals

Look no further if you wish to increase your productivity and achieve more within the same time. Disclaimer: The Life Balance Tracker is designed as attachment to the Focus: Work Made Easy action book however can be used independently to track your time wasting habits and build the new, healthy practices to lead you to the life you always desired.

Inspiring Workbooks, Planners and Spiritual Journals are here to stay! 1
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For small business owners

Inspiring Workbooks, Planners and Spiritual Journals are here to stay! 2
Check out the business workbook/tracker for small business entrepreneurs

Collect all your information in one place! Use it to track and grow your business on Amazon, Etsy and eBay. The notebook is a must for growing any online project like blogs, YouTube tutoring, website design or influencer accounts. And if you own or want to start a small baking, catering, cleaning service business or any charity project, then order the notebook now! Perfect for home-based businesses and small business administration. Help your friends to get on track with this easy business tracker tool-set.

Personal planners and trackers

Soon to come!

Get your life organised with the weekly and monthly undated write-in planner; the weekly to do list included. Each spread has a note page to provide the extra space for your writing. Fit for any use: personal, work, to do list. Everyone needs to have the best planner to structure the life. Perfect gift for mom, wife, girlfriend or yourself. Grab your colored pens and get organised!

Spiritual Journals

It has been well documented that keeping planners and spiritual journals has proven benefits in personal and professional development. Not only have the benefits been documented, but more and more people are taking their spiritual happiness, spiritual wellness, and personal belief systems more seriously. There has been a definite influx of people looking for spiritual journals over the past year. It’s not just a craze either.

People are keen to start their personal spiritual journey and start spiritual journal writing! And who can blame them! Check out the shocking benefits listed below!

Keeping a spiritual journal will empower you with:

  • Unleashing your own beliefs
  • Captivating the spiritual path and growth
  • Healthy problem resolution
  • Healthy emotional healing
  • Understanding feelings
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Encouraging active learning of beliefs
  • Spiritual goal setting
  • Encouraging mindfulness

Enjoy the workbooks, planners and spiritual journals. Get in touch to share your success stories!

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