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The Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals were created out of necessity to find out the most effective way of how to deal with negative thoughts.

Fake it till you make it, attitude for gratitude – those are among the most famous slogans to promote the gratitude lifestyle. We absolutely must be focusing on positive emotions and forgiveness. But what to do when there is this annoying colleague, when you are secretly jealous on someones success, and you know you are wrong. 

I have been practicing the gratitude for about a year, and I must say the result is mind-blowing. However, the journey has been gradual, and the magnitude of the changes can only be appreciated from a distance. You can and must expect miracles in your life, just provide the universe time and remain on the same path of faith. Draw your vision board, know what you want and keep the faith. Steve Harvey, the person whom I deeply admire, has exceptional YouTube clip. Click on the link to watch it. 

You are asking the Universe or God for something in your vision board or in your mind, right? All you have to do – is to remain on the Faith street to receive the package. If you move away from the Faith street, you will not receive what you were asking for – it is as simple as that. It’s like getting in the cab and start giving the driver many confusing and contradicting directions – where do you think you will end up?  

What are Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals?

What is disrupting me more often are my negative emotions. The negative emotions do not belong to the gratitude and faith mindset, but those are strongly present in our everyday life. How to deal with the situation?

When googling “how to deal with negative thoughts”, the 7 ways to manage (and decrease) your negative thoughts are suggested.

  1. Recognize thought distortions. …
  2. Challenge negative thoughts. …
  3. Take a break from negative thoughts. …
  4. Release judgment. …
  5. Practice gratitude. …
  6. Focus on your strengths

Recognition of the negative thoughts is the first step. Take a look on the drawing below, does it look familiar? Are you holding any?

Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals 1

The gratitude journal has no place for the negativity. Of course, you can turn some of negative thoughts like sadness and grief into experience and find the good things to be grateful for. But what if you can kill the negativity by psychical action of writing your darkest thoughts on the paper and burning * or destroying the journal after? Can that be the quickest path to the happy life? Try it.  

 We are very superstitious in my country. We even have a ceremony for burning checks on some specific dates in a particular way to attract money (tongue in cheek). However, if you wish to try the check burning practice – I will cover the topics in one of my future blogs.

So, back to the negativity – I need a scrapbook where to be honest with myself – as straightforward as I dare to be. Where I do not need to fake anything, where I can write all gloomy, weak, opposing, dissenting, denial and other non flattering emotions. 

How to use the Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals

There is Easy to Burn Spiritual journal that I have created for the exact purpose – to write down all dark thoughts and secrets. The journal has two different covers. Pick what’s right for you and start filling in. Do not keep it with you for too long. Get rid of it every month and if a particular page is too revolting – do not wait for the right time, tear it off and destroy right away. 

Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals
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Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals 2

To make it more effective, I recommend waiting till full Moon because the Moon has an impact on human emotions. There have been many academic studies regarding Moon energy, I love the straightforward explanation. Let’s take the Moon’s gravitational pull, which creates the ocean tides that rise and fall every 12.4 hours. The Moon’s energy also amplifies our emotions the same way. Think of it as the changing tides: when it’s full, it can bring all of your feelings to the surface.

Use the energy generated by Moon! Burn or destroy your negative Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals when your subconscious mind is open to suggestions. 

Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals
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Not your usual gratitude journal! Do not suppress your negative emotions, do not pile it up or mask behind a fake good feeling. Get the negative and troublesome thoughts out on the paper. Be brutally honest with yourself, the journal is just for you and even better – you can destroy the Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals at any moment with all the negativity in it. Do not carry along the offences, jealousy, feeling of lack and not being enough – put it out on the paper and let it go. The journaling can be started at any time, but the best time to destroy the book is on the date of full Moon when your feelings are brought on the surface by the active Moon phase. 

Keep Easy to Burn Spiritual Journals practice as part of your spiritual journey, with less and less entries to be written in until you do not need it anymore.

Read more about the moon phases and how to manifest with the Moon. Print yourself the journal by easy download of printable PDF file.

Keep in touch through the spiritual blogs: post a comment or send me an email how this practice is working for you. 

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor or certified professional, I only describe my own observations and practices. Please seek professional help if required. 

  • Burn the book only in stove or fireplaces designed for fire. If no such places exist nearby then simply destroy the book by shredding or tearing apart before throwing into a garbage bin. 
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