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Is it possible to restart your health in 5 days? The fast pace of our lives requires an equally efficient recharging option. There are many ways how people chose to recover with the most popular being travel, either it’s roadtrip, camping, luxury SPA resorts or hikes, skiing, mountain bikes – you name it. I am very grateful to be lucky enough to experience it all.

This time I will focus on something different, something that might not be known and attainable outside of former Soviet Republics and Eastern European countries.

What comes to your mind when you hear “sanatorium”? 

Wikipedia gives us the following definition: “A sanatorium (also called sanitarium) is a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century before the discovery of antibiotics.”

However, for most Eastern Europeans and former Soviet Republics, sanatorium mostly means health resort with various medical services. Such health resorts were vastly popular during Soviet Union times where working-class people could spend their vacation free of charge or paying little money. The most popular locations for the Sanatoriums were seaside (Baltic, Black and Caspian sea) and, mountains with mineral water springs to enhance the healing. Those were widespread facilities including a cinema, concert halls and disco clubs. The infrastructure of the buildings still holds, and with modern medical equipment, the concept is well appreciated by people yearning to boost their health.

Jaunkemeri Sanatorium – the perfect place to restart your health in 5 days

I picked one of the most popular resort Jaunkemeri at the Baltic Sea near the legendary resort town Jurmala, Latvia. You can find more information in the three languages (English, Latvian, Russian) on their home page . At the service of patients there are swimming pools with the cascade, physiotherapy, ergo therapy, physical therapy, therapeutic graduated walks (Nordic Walking), riding therapy (therapeutic horseback riding), salt room, saunas, Clinic, Fitness Center, Phyto bar, dental offices and dental hygiene. What else you could possibly need to restart your health in 5 days!

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There are over 30 sulfurated springs found locally, as well as precious resources of curative peat mud and sapropelic silt.
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The mud is as natural as it could be, only the larger parts of wood and stones are removed manually in the “mud kitchen”. 
restart your health in 5 days

The building as it stands now was built in 1967 as balneotherapy and climate health resort. The resort quickly gained its reputation with natural treatment resources – hydrogen sulfide, bromine mineral water, natural peat and sapropelic mud. 

The perfect place to dive into exploration of balneology and peloid therapy.

  • Balneology – hydrotherapy: sulphurreted hydrogen and bromine mineral baths, pearl baths, chamber baths, underwater massage, hydro-massage pool, cascade massage (in pool), underwater traction.
  • Peloid therapy – The therapeutic use of mud in applications or baths taking advantage of the curative qualities of the mud. Peloid is mud, or clay used therapeutically, as part of balneotherapy, or therapeutic bathing. Peloids consist of humus and minerals formed over many years by geological and biological, chemical and physical processes. For example: mud applications, mud-hydrogen sulfide mineral water bath

“The effect from hot mud is extremely relaxing to the muscles, reducing local swellings around joints, muscle tensions and strengthening anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes”. Visit the Source page.

How to restart your health in 5 days – the schedule revealed

There are different health programs available to pick from, starting from the healthy weekend, then 3, 5 and 7 days. The 5 days program is called “Restart your health in 5 days” and includes 32 various treatments starting from 10 min till one-hour duration. For more details follow the link: . You can also enhance the schedule with a few more for extra cost, which I gladly did. I had 6-9 appointments daily for 5 days. That’s hard work and results are undeniable! 

The restart your health in 5 days program is designed for people who have to perform in highly stressful environments, work in mentally or physically intense conditions, constantly experience overloads and tension, that can lead to negative consequences regarding one’s health.

👉 Tips:

  • All treatments must be prescribed by doctor. Visiting the resident doctor is the most crucial moment as that will determine the choice of the procedure you will get. Study the options upfront so that you can contribute to the discussion and state your preferences. 
  • If you book less than a week then pick working days for your stay. There are still treatments available through Saturday and Sunday but not everything.
  • The check-in is from 8-10, do not arrive late as your first and last day are as intense as the rest of the stay. Check with resort if you can arrive the day before if traveling a long distance.

As soon as you get the appointment book with schedule – the race will begin. Restarting your health in 5 days is not an easy job. You have to follow the schedule promptly as missed appointments will not be compensated. Imagine several hundred people rushing from appointment to another! And it works like a well-oiled mechanism. The staff is incredibly efficient and professional. Although you are one of several hundred patients – I felt being taken care of. I felt that my health matters to the people doing their jobs. “Jaunkemeri” is first of all medical facility with leisure being the secondary function. They strive to deliver the promise of restoring your health. 

There are many patients after sports traumas or injuries seeking medical rehabilitation, with spine, joint and cardiac diseases. The food is served 3 times a day in the restaurant. There are three options for soup and main courses during the lunch. The food is tasty and enough to get you through the day.

Extraordinary healing through hot mud bathing

I will describe only the most sensational treatments – the ones that was the reason for me to pick “Jaunkemeri” among many other sanatoriums. Those are sulphurreted hydrogen mineral bath and Curative mud-hydrogen sulfide mineral water bath. 

The mineral bath is a delightful experience if you like laying in a tub. The water is 36°C, it is not supposed to be a hot bath. The minerals are more effective around body temperate.

The mud bath is different story whatsoever.

The mud bath must be hot 38-39°C with thick mud consistency. The ratio is 40 kg mud for 200 l tub filled with hydrogen sulfide mineral water. It is an incredible experience as mud is as natural as it could be, only the larger parts of wood and stones are removed manually in the “mud kitchen”.

The history of Kemeri

For the first time, a chemical analysis of the Kemeri mineral waters was done in 1801 in St. Petersburg. The first public baths were built in 1838, and precisely since that moment, the foundation of the resort began. Although I mentioned sanatorium as a phenomen for soviet era, the first resort was built in Kemeri 1936 by architect E.Laube. It was glamorous 5 story building with capacity for 600 patients.

During the World War II the sanatoriun was closed and all equipment dismounted and transported to Germany. After the War – Soviet regime re-opened Sanatorium. However since the regime crashed, there has been several unfortunate investors wishing to restore the former glory without apparent success. This glamorous masterpiece of architecture remains closed till today. The balneology and peloid therapy are available in Jaunkemeri promising to restart your health in 5 days.

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Kemeri Sanatorium in 1910 (postcard).
how to restart your heath in 5 days
Kemeri Sanatorium remains closed until now.

Stay healthy and well

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything. ~ Nhat Hanh

Do not wait till you book a sanatourium or go on vacation! Start the 5 min energy routine by Donna Eden now. This simple yet powerful practice has helped me to avoid travel fatigue and kept me away from fly. I am following Donna’s recommendation to execute the routine every day.

Stay healthy and well

An incredible way to restart your health in 5 days 9
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