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Manifesting with the Moon will increase the energy and power of your manifestation if you use the Moon phases to your advantage. Boost manifesting the abundance with the Moon energy, get it on the fast track!

Transform your Manifesting with the Moon energy 1

Being Grateful is one aspect of your spiritual journey. Being Grateful is saying thank you to the Universe or God for what you have. Feeling grateful will replace all your negative emotions creating energetic field ready to receive. The question is: do you know what you want to receive? Do you have your vision board? Click here to learn how to create the vision board before you start manifesting.
It is well known fact that the Moon affects Earth, as one example, we can take the Moon’s gravitational pull, which creates the ocean tides that rise and fall every 12.4 hours. The Moon’s energy also amplifies our emotions. Think of it as the changing tides: when it’s full, it can bring all of your feelings to the surface.

Moon Phase Rituals to Manifest with the Moon What You Want

Since ancient times many cultures believe that the Moon has magical powers to assist in manifesting positive things into fruition.

Lunar phases
The Moon’s monthly lunar cycle consists of 8 moon phases. For more information follow the link.

The Moon waxes from small to big, increasing in energy and waning back from big to low, decreasing in power each month. Moon rituals are used during these moon phases to manifest anything you want. Knowing how to use the Moon phases and Moon rituals help you manifest whatever you desire.

New Moon Rituals

The new Moon is when the Moon and sun are together. The Moon rises with the sun and is not visible at night. New moons, spiritually speaking, are about new beginnings, planting new seeds, and releasing anything that is no longer serving. The new Moon is awesome time for manifesting with the Moon.

A new Moon rituals consist of a candle, paper, and pen. Here are a few steps to take to perform the new Moon rituals:

  1. First, ground and center yourself.
  2. Tune into yourself and ask yourself what you want to manifest, look at your vision board . You can also look for the things that no longer serve you.
  3. Write down all the things that no longer help you and what you want to manifest.
  4. Then use the candle flame to burn the list. Be careful with the flame, burn it in dedicated fireplace.
  5. Burning the list allows space to bring in new intentions and desires.
  6. Now, write your new intention or wish to be manifested during this new Moon and put in a safe place until the full Moon.
  7. You can also start “Easy to Burn Book” to collect all your negative emotions to be burned later at the full Moon phase.

More ideas for the new Moon rituals rituals are described by the Chrystal expert Heather Askinosie in her blog

The First Quarter

As the new Moon waxes away from the sun and grows more prominent in the night sky, it comes into a first-quarter square to the sun. In astrology, a square is a 90-degree angle creating a right-sided crescent moon.

The first quarter is the moon phase that starts to increase energy and illuminates any contrast that may be challenging the new seed planted during the new moon ritual. During this time, you can raise positive intentions and affirmations toward your manifestation to overcome any obstacles.

Manifesting with the Moon: the Full Moon Ritual

The full Moon is when the Moon and sun are the opposite of each other. The Moon rises after the sun sets. The sun sends light, energizing the full Moon potential to manifest the full Moon completion of the new moon desires. Manifesting with the Moon Ritual is in full force during the full Moon when magic is in the air.

A full Moon ritual can consist of going outdoors and allowing our bodies to bask in the full Moon energy. It is a time to release the new Moon intentions out to the universe by burning the list written during the new Moon and the “Easy to Burn Book”. It is a time to reflect on what has or has not manifested from your new Moon intentions. The full Moon ritual is releasing it to the universe as if it already came into reality. Manifesting with the full Moon’s energy will bring it into fruition like the moons gravitational pull.

More ideas for the Full Moon rituals rituals are described by the Chrystal expert Heather Askinosie in her blog

Manifesting with the moon

Last Quarter

As the full Moon wanes away from the sun and grows smaller in the night sky, it comes into the last quarter square to the sun and creates the left sides crescent moon. This Moon phase starts to decrease the energy, and it calls us inward to release any emotions that hindering full Moon manifestations to fruition.

Each month there is an opportunity to tap into the Moon’s energy to manifest any desire no matter how big or small.

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Negative thoughts like jealousy, grief, shame, anger is the usual pitfall on the way to abundance. What to do with the negative thinking? How to remain positive and optimistic? Solution is easy! Write down all dark thoughts and secrets, get it out in the paper and burn/destroy the book when the Moon is full! Read more about this technique:

Manifesting with the moon

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