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The vision board success stories is truly fascinating topic. The Universe definitely has a sense of humor and I will give you a couple of personal examples of what works well and what doesn’t.

Vision board is integral part of my life since couple years ago. I can refer back and tick off part of my dreams that came through. Before going into analysis, take a look on the pictures below. The one on top is my visualisation 3 years ago followed by the reality snapshots.

Vision board success stories- how it works

Vision board success stories
My vision Board
Vision board success stories: dream vs reality 1
Anafi 1.5.6
Vision board success stories

Vision board success stories: Example 1

As you can see from the pictures, the reality is not that far off. However – I have to put a substantial emphasis on sorting out the details when you manifest your dreams! The more precise you are with your desires, the more exciting will be the reality. As you can see, I manifested my trip to Tuscany, which planned out as living the dream. More insights about my Tuscany trip you can get here.

However, the yacht dream is more on the humorous side. I did not put much thoughts around the picture with yacht and SUP board when I added the image to the visualization board. I did not had a clue – do I want to own the yacht? Do I want a vacation on the yacht? I just attached the nice-looking picture to my board without a second thought. The result? You can see me paddling next to the yacht, but it’s neither mine nor I am onboard. I am just passing by, and I was even too exhausted to stand up on the board :D. I cannot blame the Universe – it was my lack of the detailed vision that resulted in the almost exact match of my visual dream but without much sense.

Vision board success stories: Example 2

I will give you another example of the power of thoughts that you release to the Universe. I spent the weekend hiking and relaxing in the SPA. While on the hike – I was listening to the audiobook by Tim Ferriss “The 4-hour workweek”. Highly inspirational book of how to take an action to change your life.

After a while, I realized that I work too hard and too much, without enough attention to my well-being. The thought I released to the Universe was: I need to work less and take care of my health. Seems as a harmless wish. How wrong I was! The lack of the details in my vision resulted nearly into a catastrophe. I did not visualize how I want to feel. I did not think of working smarter, more effective, learning new skills, hiring helpers, outsourcing, growing my business into a success. All I manifested was “I need to work less”.  

As for my well-being: I could have embraced myself as full with energy, healthy and wealthy enjoying exercises and yoga. But again – all I manifested was “I need to take care of my health”. You can see the pattern there. What do you think was delivered by the Universe?

The next day I woke up with a pain in my back, I could not move, could not get out of the bed! Taking care of my health became my top priority as per my wish the day before. It got worse from there. As I had to spend a day in a bed, I decided to move forward with writing some long due blogs. I could not switch on my laptop, it was completely dead. I was forced to stay in the bed and take care of my health without any possibility to work. The wish that came through but did I enjoy the reality …

Vision Board and your end-goal

Do you know how the good looks like? Do you know what makes you happy? Establish the end goal before you start your spiritual journal – something that excites and inspires you. Follow your heart.

Vishen Lakhiani, in his book “The code of the extraordinary mind” defines three the most important questions to ask when creating a vision for your future:

  • Question 1: What experiences do you want to have? (love, relationship, friendship, adventures, environment)
  • Question 2: How do you want to grow? (health and fitness, intellectual life, skills, spiritual life)
  • Question 3: How do you want to contribute? (career, creative life, family life, community life).

How to create a vision board success stories

Create a vision board or a list. Write down the things and conditions you truly want. Do not be afraid of wishing too much or dreaming too big. Write down your vision on the end goals leading to your happiness. Do not focus only on material things, cover all the categories named within the three questions above. Question each item you add to the list: imagine having it – how does it make you feel? Are you closer to your end goal? Make a list very precise. Be more definite. Describe each details.

There are two general contradictions when learning about the vision board concept:

1) some spiritual leaders prefer to leave out the “when” while others prefer to add the timeline.

2) some sources recommend keeping the list private so that people do not talk you out of it. In contrast, others, including Vishen Lakhiani, supports public visions to find supporters and collaborators.

The choice is yours.

Your first vision board can be a stepping stone to the greater dream, but you need to keep the end goal in your sight and move towards it. Get back to your vision board/list every time you open the journal. Re-read it as often as you can. Say thank you for each step that brings you closer to your dreams. Be creative with your vision board/list – use stickers, pictures, drawings. Make it visually appealing.

Tools to use for vision board success stories

Starting simple would be my advise – take pen and paper and start drafting your wish list. You can take A4 paper and categorize your desires into following groups: spiritual growth, family, health, money, career, lifestyle etc.

Make it as detailed as possible. When manifesting a new car, imagine the make and model, the color, the interior, gadgets etc. When manifesting a house, think about location, size, layout, imagine yourself living there – how does it feel?

After the list has been established, you can move forward to the visualisation. It can be as simple as dashboard, or pictures on the frame of your bathroom mirror, or sticker notes with affirmations. Or you can create digital visualisation board in any app that supports multiple layers. The one I am using is called Photofox and is free for 3 layouts, but if you wish to combine up to 8 layers, you need to upgrade to pro version. Photofox also gives you access to royalty free Unsplash photo stock image database. You can blend the images, apply filters and effects then extract to you picture folder for printing or saving as printscreen.

Read more about picture editing tools here.

How to create a vision board manifesting your dreams

The most important part is constant reminder about your dreams. The vision board must be kept close by to remind you about the goal, keep you in the mood of reaching the dreams and focus on the right vibrations. You can print your dreams on almost any surface. I can offer you a service of formatting your vision board from the pictures you send in and print it on mugs, cushions, t-shirts, Phone cases, scarves, bags etc., just ask. I can offer several layouts for arranging your pictures and create mockups for the products to chose from.

Vision board success stories: dream vs reality 2

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Vision board success stories: dream vs reality 3

You can also print your travel pictures or you can manifest your future travel destinations. Tell everyone about your dream destinations, keep your good times travel memory close. Surround yourself with your dreams, make it real, feel it!

Vision board success stories: dream vs reality 4
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How to enhance your manifestation

Use the Moon’s energy to enhance your manifestation power. Read more about “Power days” and calculate your power days based on your horoscope here.

Motivational YouTube video why you need vision board and how to use it.

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