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The article will talk you through ideas how to survive and even flourish during the self-quarantine period caused by COVID-19. I will provide the coronavirus tips for the time while you are locked up for COVID-19 and what to do at home to enhance your well-being. Stay calm, take it easy and enjoy your time at home! I am at home on self-quarantine myself. How to change your mindset and start generating the good vibes? Read it through and follow the easy steps to prepare an action plan.

So, you have been asked to apply a self-quarantine or your workplace has been closed and you have 14 days or perhaps more all for yourself? How do you feel about it? Frustrated? Excited? Annoyed? Bored? Scared? I have returned to my home country after extensive travel and self-quarantined for 14 days. I am calm and rationale trying to figure out how to make the best of the 14 days.

Coronavirus tips: the emotion change curve

Everyone is entitled to a broad mixture of different emotions when facing sudden changes in your life. The article COVID-19 and what to do at home will explain how people react to change. We humans, do not react well towards a change that is inflicted on us by external conditions. Take a look on the change curve below – can you recognize yourself?

COVID-19 and what to do at home
The Change Curve is based on a model originally developed in the 1960s by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to explain the grieving process. Since then it has been widely utilised as a method of helping people to understand their reactions to significant change or upheaval.

Since 1960, the concept has been widely recognised and applied to to various situations in the business and private life. The principle prevails the same – how human nature react to a change. More about the change curve concept in the article

So what to do? After initial shock, denial and anger you will slip into “Letting go” or depression phase,the lowest point in your emotion scale. The article “Corona virus COVID-19: what to do while at home” will help you to get out of the depression caused by particular situation of forced self-isolation. However, I am not a doctor and you should seek medical advice if your depression has deeper roots than just the short term inconvenience.

Coronavirus tips if you are stuck at home

First of all you have to surrender and start looking for all positive aspect of the situation. This will get you into the searching phase. If you are reading this article, then you are there already. You are on your way to the upwards curve and the article will give you concept of understanding the change and practical ideas how to generate optimism. You have to be careful however, if you move from one phase to another too quickly, then the pendulum effect could take place when your mood is swinging back and forth before settling. Take your time and embrace your emotions.

The first step – do the mental inventory of all the things that has been piling up on your to-do list. Write down everything that you never had time to do. Identify those big piles of activities that can be done without leaving house. And even if it is a trip – you can can start planning the trip and collect useful information about the destination. Download the free travel planner here and start planning your next travel. The virus is not for ever, there will be life after that. Surrender to the now with focus on future.

And if you run out of positive self-motivation, then remember – there is no better place to be stuck than at home.

Be grateful you are at home and not on the road, in hospital, locked in cruise ship or hotel. But if you have not reached home – and you are on the road – make yourself as comfortable as you can. One way of how to get out of self-imposed misery is taking on of the gratitude journals and start writing down everything you are grateful for. The gratitude feeling will leave no place for negative emotions. You have time now – make a long list of what you have achieved and what you are grateful for.

There are a few examples of what to do while stuck at home:

  • reading books, perhaps writing a book (?)
  • sorting out your travel pictures,
  • create a picture book for your loved ones, order for online printing and delivery
  • learning new handcrafts – order supplies online, learn by watching YouTube videos. Check out the FaceBook page “Creative Panda” for inspiration.
  • Phone your friends and relatives: set up face-time or any other video chat. Announce a dress code for the video call, make the connection a fun time.
  • Clean the house, wash windows, sort out wardrobe. Keep the space around you neat and organised.
  • Learn healthy cooking, take time to prepare proper meals
  • Physical activities – you do not have to go to gym to be active, turn on YouTube and type in the search field different activities. You will be surprised of what’s coming up.
  • Play table games if you are with your friends or family members
Corona virus COVID-19 and what to do at home

Make sure you remain mentally sane: find out spiritual teachers that you resonate with. Just keep exploring YouTube and subscribe Gaia channel – there are millions videos to watch.

Time Planning when stuck at home

Divide your time in slots where 8 hours goes to sleep and remaining is dedicated to the activities that you identified as the most important. Make sure you leave time for physical exercises and get enough fresh air either by driving to nearby forests if you have a car or being out on balcony or simply ventilating the room several times a day.

Divide your 24 hours in different time slots. Sleep 8 hours – what a luxury! Do not make a habit of oversleeping that’s not good for anyone. More evidence is showing that spending an excessive amount of time in bed is also linked with health hazards. Establish a routine of the regular sleep time. Now you only have 16 hours left after the sleep.

COVID-19 and what to do at home

List down the big chunks of your activities and start planning the next two weeks ahead. The established structure around you will make you feel more steady. Alternate the activities – make sure you switch between physical activities and book reading or TV watching. Do not watch news, you cannot help the world before you have helped yourself. Watch entertainment channels as laugh is the best medicine but spend most of the screen time uplifting your emotion state.

The aim here is not to “kill” the time with different time wasters. We must strive to use the time we have to enhance our living and emerge from the 14 days quarantine full with energy and vitality.

With the steady regime in place you will start looking forward to each next activity and will have something to look forward every day.

Follow up the easy daily energy routine with Donna Eden:

After you have sorted out the daily routine and start feeling positive vibes, set aside some time to develop vision board of where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your life. Make sure you have balanced mindset when to start the vision board exercise, don’t do anything in rush or in while in anxiety. Check out the link here.

COVID-19 and what to do while at home positive aspects

These 12 famous museums offer virtual tours.

Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence, Italy

Metropolitan Opera to Offer Up ‘Nightly Met Opera Streams’

“We’d like to provide some grand opera solace to opera lovers in these extraordinarily difficult times,” said Met General Manager Peter Gelb in a press release. “Every night, we’ll be offering a different complete operatic gem from our collection of HD presentations from the past 14 years.”

Coronavirus tips and what to do at home to survive the quarantine. 1

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Coronavirus tips and what to do at home to survive the quarantine. 2

Stay safe, active and healthy! Share your thoughts and progress, get in touch!

Coronavirus tips and what to do at home to survive the quarantine. 3
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