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Working from home and what to wear? Seems a bit odd and shallow question to ask. But is it? Most of us have the routines of dressing for work and casual evening, weekend attire. Plus wardrobe for sport or hobbies that I will not touch upon in this article. Now I face the situation that all my business attire outfits are in the deep corner of the closet waiting for the times to change. My closet suddenly feels empty when I open it in the mornings. The death of the suit and tie? How Covid-19 will change the way we dress with introducing fashion masks?

Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 1

Dressing for work at home and why it is important? Is there working from home dress code? Will face masks keep as safe? Keep reading and judge yourself.

The key word is Focus

The work requires focus and discipline whether we work from home or elsewhere. I am used to travel extensively for business, so my wardrobe is adjusted for comfortable travels. I am used to work in airports, trains, on a plane, hotels – literary from everywhere. Working from home is not that different for me. Feeling the comfort of well fit, soft and breathable fabric against your skin is very important for your comfort level and well-being. The working from home dress code should not be taken lightly.

For productive working environment, you have to take the focus away from everything else and leave the focus on work. Also, you should feel confident and empowered to tackle the challenges that working day brings on. I feel more in control when everything is aligned: clean and organised work-space and dress on purpose attire. Do not forget about the video calls that can occasionally (or regularly) pop-up. Make sure you have some stylish shirt hanging nearby to throw on. As example – instead of old sweatpants try stylish joggers or leggings enhanced with cool graphics to make a statement. Working from home and what to wear advise is investing more in a statement design for a skirt, leggings or joggers as those are not visible during video calls. Get the picture?

The working from home and what to wear essential wardrobe should have:

  • Statement joggers and leggings – let your fantasy go wild here!
  • Polished blouse and several scoop neck tops
  • Graphic T-shirt
  • Sleek sneakers or statement slides
  • Dainty necklace, earrings
  • Don’t forget to apply a hint of subtle make-up
  • Need a remedy for hairstyle? Use the versatile product of fashion masks – bandana this is becoming very trendy this year. Check out my Etsy shop by clicking here.
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 2
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 3
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 4
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 5
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 6
  • Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 7

How Covid-19 will change the way we dress with fashion masks?

The leading designers are competing now with fashion masks. 700 sold in 6 minutes: why fashion masks are selling out everywhere? Forget the basic face masks with clinic medical feel and look – shoppers are opting for more expressive options bringing out joy and character. What are the benefits of cloth masks and can fashion mask protect you against coronavirus? Read more in the article The truth revealed: Can a face mask protect you against coronavirus and which mask should you wear?

The future of fashion: Will it ever be the same after lockdown? The high street stores with the deep pockets are history now. The future is with unique small brands providing affordable quality and luxury. The shop’s Mission Statement is Zero Waste meaning that each product is manufactured exclusively for you and machines are turned on when you press the “BUY” button. For the whole collection of the Little Magic Shop click here.

I think it is obvious why you should not wear pyjama the whole day, but if in doubt read The Guardian article here.

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Working from home and what to wear
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How to create a more organised working space

After sorting out working from home and what to wear – take a look on your working environment. You have more time now by not commuting to work. No excuses there – get your stuff organised!

If you’re trying to organize your mind, then you need to make sure that you organize the space around you. In many ways, our surrounding reflect the state of our mind – but the correlation works both ways and if you have a very cluttered desk or home it will make your mind more cluttered too.

And when it comes to spaces that contain a lot of information and items, your desk is one of the most pressing areas for organization. Let’s look at some things you can do to make your desk better organized.

Throw Things Out

This is how you start making any space more organized – you throw out anything that isn’t 100% necessary. If it’s a decorative item, then ask yourself if it really fills you with joy. If not? Bing it! Otherwise, ask yourself when you last used it and whether you really need it.

The same goes for that drawer that’s full of stationary. Do you really need that much stationary? Could that space not be much better used for other things?

Create a System That Reflects Your Brain

Another tip is to create systems that you can use to keep your documents in order. And a great way to get inspiration for this is to look at the way our brains store information. Specifically, our brains have three main ‘compartments’ for storing information. These are:

  • Working Memory – which is the information we’re currently working with and doesn’t necessarily need to be stored.
  • Short Term Memory – which is the information we hold for a few days. If it doesn’t get used enough it will be thrown out, if it is important, it will be stored in long term memory.
  • Long Term Memory – which is the information that we have stored permanently. Nothing gets destroyed here but access can become more difficult without practice.

So how do you create something like this? Simple: you make one space for each type of information. Your ‘working memory’ could be your noticeboard and desk itself. This is where you keep anything that you’re currently working on and need immediate access to. Not using it anymore? Then it goes into short term storage – somewhere like a paper tray.

Focus: work made easy

Read more about work-life balance and how to maintain focus in the book: Focus: work made easy. You will love the easy read and simplicity of the book. The book is available on Amazon however the actionable Life Balance Tracker Workbook you can download free, get your free PDF copy now, click here.

Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 8

Are you working from home and what do you wear? Leave a comment of how you are doing and what you are wearing. Take care and stay safe.

Working from home and what to wear: # 1 essential collection 9
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