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The forced way of working from home during coronavirus is here to stay long term. It will not disappear anywhere shortly. The companies will have to restructure the way of working establishing secure connections and infrastructure for all remote workers. There must be new policies created, new communication governance established to avoid chaos. After the urgent measures are implemented and everyone settled remotely, the companies will soon realize the benefits of reducing the office costs. Perhaps this is slightly simplified view but the main focus should be on people. The adoption for employees will not be that easy.

Mindset is a game changer

It is an entirely different mindset that we are facing. So far the most progressive companies had “work from home Friday” or flexible working environment policies in place. That is something that the human brain can get used easily. Working weeks and months from home for masses of employees that had no means or desire to work from home is significantly different. 

The scientific research shows that the human brain takes 21 day to establish habits, so we can expect some ease and people settling down after the first three weeks of Covid-19 lockdown. The COVID-19 self-isolation measures will last a couple month and all jobs that can be done remotely will become home-based. Some experts (link here) are predicting 18 month till the the vaccine is available, so the Covid-19 lockdown situation could last till September 2021. No doubt that COVID-19 will cause enormous economy dip, short or long term that’s to be seen but the recovery process will take years. We will not pick up where we left. We will need to be flexible and creative to find innovative ways – first to sustain the economy as much as we can and then grow it in a ways we cannot even predict now. 

What’s different when working from home during coronavirus?

Embrace the change:

People are in shock and discomfort being pulled away from their routine. How people react towards a change and for the explanations how change curve can help you to understand your emotions click here. There will be at least three weeks period required until people will settle in their new routine, might take longer for some people perhaps. The reality and adoption speed depends how people react to change. After being ordered to work from home, people will realise how much of what normally happens face-to-face can be replaced by technology. There is significant way to improve the work productivity after the initial turbulence has passed.

Productivity and Rewards:

Many companies will need to change the payroll structure. Bonus and reward schema should be deliverable driven, not time-based. It is up to each company to redesign the progress reporting structure promoting efficient delivery. The old fashioned “clock-in” at work is not relevant anymore. Everyone will need to establish their own routine – what best is working for each individual. Please read the blog how to stay focused on work in uncertain times for practical tips.

While motivation of not losing the job in those uncertain circumstances are undoubtedly present, the productivity might suffer unvolunteeringly. The presence of children or other family members is one of the most significant factors influencing working from home during coronavirus outbreak. The next one is fear and uncertainty of the future. That is something that a company must address by clear communication and frequent updates. The Covid-19 caused health fear is something that the whole society is facing. The only thing I can recommend to avoid the fear is switching off the news channel and replacing with positive vibes like art or entertainment that makes you laugh and feel good. 


One of the biggest obstacles that you cannot solve easily is space. There might not be space for all family members to work from home. Perhaps you can invest in one ergonomic work-station and take shifts working if space does not allow two ergonomic work-stations. There is idea trending on social media how you can easily build two working spaces from Ikea and Home Depot products.

The hidden perspective of working from home during coronavirus, act now! 1

Or take a look on the pictures below: what if you brainstorm with your family on what can you declutter? What items can be sacrificed to free up the space? It has been proven than a sleeker, sparser environment can let your thinking becoming less cluttered. It frees up your mind to make big, deep changes. Many professional organizers report clients, after decluttering, feel less anxious, more peaceful and confident and have stronger decision-making skills.


You can work from a sofa of kitchen for a week or two, but it is not sustainable. You can quickly get musculoskeletal injury (like repetitive strain) when spending 8 hours every day without lumbar support. We need to think of ergonomic work-station right now, specifically because the fitness activities are limited with gym closures. It is much easier to prevent the injury than heal it.

working from home during coronavirus


And now something that we can fix quickly. The few essential accessories will significantly improve quality or your work life. You can order all of them from Amazon with the next day delivery. It is quick and cheap emergency remedy while investment for the proper ergonomic work-station that will still be required long term. The attached are Amazon affiliated links where I can benefit a small fraction to support my blog if you purchase from the link provided without any extra cost to you.

  • lumbar support 
  • dock station
  • fitness ball – you can simply sit on the ball for an hour a day to rest your back or do search in YouTube for some exercise set.
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Laptop ergonomic stand is equally important. You do not have to buy a fancy one – use any box to place the laptop on the level of your eyes. And you need a separate key board with mouse.

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I personally use this lumbar support that you can buy on Amazon. I had it in my car and now it is in my home office making my spine more comfortable.

Aesthetics when working from home:

I think it is obvious why you should not wear pyjama the whole day, but if in doubt read the article here.

Energy exchange:

Energy is something we cannot see, but each of us can feel if we are buzzing with energy or lacking energy. We are used to energy flow and exchange when we socialise. For example – if we have a good meeting with clear way forward – the energy is high for all participants. It is possible but rather difficult to project the same energy level exchange over media. Most of us are not advanced enough to tune into an energy field over a distance. The skill will develop over time. We have to start practicing being present, focusing and giving “all in” during the remote event. 

The lack of energy, most often, is compensated with caffeine or sugar intake but that will not address the root cause. We are in self-isolation, working from home during coronavirus and left on your own to handle the situation in most cases. Suddenly the routine energy flow has been cut off. We need to learn how to ground ourselves, how to be present in our bodies and maintain our energies without external sources. The people that has been practising yoga, reiki or any meditation practice has an advantage. However, that is something that everyone can learn, and meditation will soon become part of our every day routine like brushing teeth. Working from home during coronavirus will create long term global impact on our culture.

Not commuting when working from home during coronavirus:

Not commuting has both: benefits and side effects. Most of the people used the commute time to release the burning work issues and switch the mind from work to personal life. This process will now happen instantly many times during the day as you are at home, often with your children and family around you. It will bring additional strain of multitasking and draining your energy. Establish working hours and stick to them. Take a shower, change clothes, move to another room, plan to do cooking, cleaning etc when you are off-clock.

Some ideas of space usage for working from home during coronavirus

The hidden perspective of working from home during coronavirus, act now! 2

Weekend project – turn your wardrobe in a home office for working from home during coronavirus

No excuse here, this DIY project does not cost much and will significantly improve your life quality. Look at the pictures below for inspiration. Declutter a wardrobe or a corner in a hallway and turn it into stylish and ergonomic work-station .

The hidden perspective of working from home during coronavirus, act now! 3
The Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Film DIY Sticker 44.5 x 200 cm can be bought on Amazon.
The hidden perspective of working from home during coronavirus, act now! 4
The hidden perspective of working from home during coronavirus, act now! 5

Act now, create your own reality! Make yourself comfortable and adopt to the new circumstances.

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