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The astrological Midsummer solstice when the magic is in the air is on June 21 with the shorter night of the year. The magic is in the air for three more upcoming nights and from June 24, the nights are getting longer and days shorter till the Winter Solstice that symbolises the longest night of the year. This year, 2020 – we have the new moon during the Midsummer Solstice, you can read more about the new moon rituals here, this time of the year the rituals will be very powerful. You can also download the printable aid for manifesting with the moon.

What’s so special about the Midsummer Solstice in 2020?

Well the 5 days off for the whole country makes the celebration very relaxing. We can have a day off to celebrate the astrological midsummer on June 21st which is Sunday followed by the two public holidays on June 23 and 24. The June 23 is for the all night long celebration and June 24 is recovery day.

There is also solar eclipse on June 21, you can read more information here. The Solar eclipse will not be visible in Latvia but we will feel the energy one day before and after. The energy is perceived to have a negative impact on human body. There is Indian Times article describing all negativities, but regardless we will keep celebrating embracing all our rituals. As the energy is very powerful around June 21, you have to be very careful manifesting your wishes or the manifesting will not work out as you expected. Read more about my manifesting experience in the article here.

Midsummer solstice bonfire

The tradition of celebrating summer and winter solstice is still powerful in nordic countries of Europe. Although there are different traditions in Finland, Sweeden and Norway – only Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has public holidays. I only can vouch for Latvia where summer solstice is the most important celebration of the year and the only holiday that has not been commercialised with presents.
Midsummer bonfire is made of firewood specially prepared for the occasion. It doesn’t matter if they are shorter or longer logs, or broken blocks, or thorough oak stumps, but they must not be debris.

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air

During ancient times our ancestors put nine different logs. Nine can point to diversity and the fact that there can be an infinite number of these logs. It is essential and also convenient that the fire logs burn slowly and still with a flame. Oak was most often used in ancient times. Nowadays we want to protect it, we are sorry to burn oak, but we must remember that it was once one of the most common deciduous trees in Latvia. Besides, fire is a place of transformation, and we must allow nature to sacrifice itself: The land on which fire is lit also sacrifices itself—likewise, the firewood placed in it and the flowers with which the bonfire is decorated before burning.

Modern interpretation of the folk song.

Ferns are carpeted under the bonfire, you can also decorate the campfire with them. Ferns are one of the plants through which vibration, we can more easily encounter the invisible world.

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air – traditions

Donate to the fire – first of all, the bouquets of Midsummer grass, last summer wreaths can be donated, thus symbolically returning the past to the fire. We especially want to give back what has crippled us, but here the thought of gratitude must come with us because whoever has made us sad, upset or angry has also taught us something, it is also a part of our abundant lifestyle and Law of Attraction.

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air

We also donate a mouthful of Midsummer meal – cheese and beer – in gratitude for the contribution. Special songs accompany the ritual.
The rest of the Midsummer night, of course, a lot of activities take place around the bonfire – both dancing and singing.
One of the most engaging activities during the Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air is searching for a fern flower.

Midsommer solstice and fern flower

The fern is considered to be one of the oldest plants on Earth, it protects the invisible and visible worlds from interfering with time. The fern flower is a symbol of “invisible, hidden” knowledge. You can search for a fern flower alone, taking a rowan branch with you. Rowan provides protection against the dark side. You can also decorate a house with rowan branch.

The ritual – you wrap a protective circle with it, because finding and seeing a fern flower is not an easy thing. Seeing and finding it is related to the awakening of inner knowledge – when a person is ready to see it, to see his inner world, then he also sees a fern blooming. It’s beed said by the scientists that fern can not have flowers – that’s simply not thrue. Fern is one of the magical plants where only awakened person can see the flower.

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air is the night for nor sleeping. It is not desirable to leave the campfire alone and you have to keep the fire up till the sunrise to close the circle of light – from sunset till sunrise. It is not only for safety’s sake, but we must remember that the fire is alive, she is our favourite guest and participant of Midsummer Night, and we treat her like that.
The blessing of Midsummer goes as far as it can be seen, therefore, the higher and greater it, the better. That is why Midsummer bonfire is made big and on the top of the hill if possible. We have almost lost tradition of putting the bonfire in the barrel and lifting on the mast. The bonfire can be lit on the water as well using wooden raft.

The fire symbolises the Sun, which, although briefly, disappears beyond the horizon. Fire is also a support and helper for the Sun on her way through the “invisible” world. At midnight (not at 00:00, but at the halfway point from Sunset to Sunrise, so around 1:30, the Wheel of Fire rolls down the hill – it symbolises that the Sun is also at its highest point on the Hill of the Year and now rolls down, the day shrinks briefly and even the path of the Sun will be shorter throughout the day.

The sacred time

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air, everything is sacred. Nothing is thrown away. Nowadays, it is difficult to say whether the habit of collecting the ashes of holy lights, not only Midsummer, but also bonfires of other seasons, has been introduced from the Vedic rituals recently distributed in Latvia. Our ancient bonfires were always lit in the same place – the sacred fire also has its place in every yard. It is quite natural that people see this ash and feel something special, another special sanctity, they are like a “homeopathic” remedy, a little is enough. But also natural, real ash is an excellent soil improver, natural alkali, it also helps to get rid of garden pests.

Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air

The time around the Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air is when nature is vibrant with energy. It is the best time to pick herbs for tea. Making wreath is very strong tradition, oak leave wreath for men and wild flower wreath for women. The wreath must be kept till the next year and sacrificed to the fire.

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Midsummer solstice when magic is in the air
Have a great midsummer solstice, Līgo Līgo …
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