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One face mask is not enough if you are easing into a new normal, it’s time to get face masks you need for every occasion.

As lockdown rules ease, we’re making our way back to our beloved pubs and restaurants. Others will be going back into work or reuniting with friends, colleagues and personal trainers in parks. With this uptick in activity, it’s wise to still take precautions and many of us will feel safer evolving into a ‘new normal’ if we wear a face mask.

Throughout the UK, masks are mandatory on public transport and on Tuesday the Government announced that they must be worn in shops in England from 24th July too, following the same ruling in Scotland. Even Donald Trump has now admitted that he’s all for masks.

These are the 5 face masks you need for the different scenarios you will find yourself in in the coming weeks. I am mostly referencing to my shops with links, video and pictures. Use the discount code APPLYMAGIC10% at the check out for my online store

You might be interested to read the blog written by my friend Renata aka Seadbeady who was testing one of my masks, follow her for more fashion updates: Great tips for shopping.

Back to work

Many are still working at home, but if you are returning to your workplace, you may feel more comfortable wearing a face mask – especially when you’re around others.

Make sure your mask looks professional but not boring. The artwork on the mask would work fine, pick from van Gogh or Claude Monet. Make sure you vary your mask and do not show up every day in the same mask. The newest trend is to combine tie and mask to look super trendy and professional. Consider also face masks you need at reception, perhaps with company logo on it. And use the face masks you need with your logo to serve people in pubs or restaurants.

Family outings, picnics

For family outings and picnics you can choose cute masks and match them for the whole family. Make sure the face masks you need for outdoors or indoors are comfortable and breathable. Wash immediately after the use. It’s best not to all have the same one, as confusion could prevail— anyone who has lived in a household of more than two know the same unspoken rule applies to toothbrushes. Those are face masks you need to vary and style for everyones liking.

Parties and dates where appearance matters

The life does not stop, dating is still on and parties will be back soon enough. The face masks you need for your social life can be more daring. Make sure you stand out of crowd and mask is matching your beliefs and enhance your style. If you’re getting back into socialising, whether that’s via garden visits or pub dinners, but still want to wear a mask, then invest in one of the prettier designs on offer.

Public transports

It’s mandatory to wear a face mask for public transport. As many of us rely on some sort of public transport to get us from A to B, it’s essential to have a high-performing style to use.

The face masks you need for public transport must be the most reliable ones. Preferable with activated carbon filters that can be used up to 72 hours and cannot be washed. More about benefits for the filter masks you can read in my blog by clicking here.

Those masks are available in my Etsy store and Shopify store.

Outdoors Sports Activities

I would not recommend wearing mask outdoors while cycling or running as even a good as mask will restrict breathing. However your activity might lead you through places where masks are required. Turn your head bandana or neck gaiter into a mask or a face shield quickly. If you plan on wearing a face mask, face masks you need is linen option because the fabric is lightweight and cool.

face masks you need
Those bandana masks are available in my Etsy store and Shopify store.

Please note: Fabric face masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2/N95). So please DO NOT purchase custom face masks with the false understanding they will prevent infection from Corona virus. They are more about protecting others to reduce spread. Due to the personal hygiene nature of the product, your custom face masks are non-returnable

There is NBC News article How to shop for face mask on Etsy.

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