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Remote work has become, without a doubt, increasingly common and essential in various industries. Remote workers and work has advanced significantly throughout the past decade as improvements in Internet technology and communication now allow business owners to hire people from all over the world. When you don’t restrict your workforce to people in your vicinity, you also have the opportunity to broaden your talent pool.

Ingredients for a Successful Remote Team

Leaving the advantages aside, assembling and managing a remote team may seem like a challenge. Fortunately, besides getting online information to help you with the process, particularly from reliable sources like Behind My Scene, there are some research-based practices that business owners can use without significant effort to create and manage a great remote team.

Hire Doers

Doers will follow through, even if they are working from an isolated island. You don’t need to give them tasks to know that something will get done. However, you still need to provide direction and guidance regarding essential things. Besides hiring doers, you also need to be one when it comes to specific steps to take for your business.

Early in the process, you must choose a business model for your startup, especially when hiring a remote team. Most small business owners go with the Limited Liability Company structure as it offers a plethora of advantages, such as limited liability, tax benefits, little paperwork to be done, and great flexibility. Make sure you research your state’s regulations when forming an LLC, but if you don’t want to handle the paperwork yourself, you can always seek help from a formation service like Zen Business, which costs less than a lawyer. However, is Zen Business legit? Simply put, yes. The company has helped in the formation of thousands of businesses, gathered thousands of positive reviews, and has proven to be one of the best services available.

Hire People You Can Trust

Remote work can’t start on a good footing when you cannot trust the person on the other end of the line. Before hiring, run a background check if necessary. However, ensure you’re respecting all the regulations that come with this. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you need to inform an applicant if you decide to check their background and that they may or may not be hired depending on the results. While some companies are allowed to collect information dating back seven years, particular states do not allow employers to regard arrests not followed by a conviction. Others do not even allow the background check at all unless the employer made a conditional offer. Again, make sure you stay within your state’s laws while doing this.

Managing a Remote Team Can be an Easy Feat

Your amazing and skilled new workers are individuals who know their stuff, but you also need the best processes to integrate everyone as a team. Besides hiring the right people, make sure you do what it takes for your business to run smoothly, effectively, and successfully.

Establish Expectation and Communicate

The most crucial thing to do when managing a remote team is to establish expectations. These expectations should include everything from project scheduling to virtual work hours to adjustments to timeline charts. Besides, when your team is working remotely, communication takes a new meaning. It would be best if you’d encourage transparency by

asking the team to share their concerns and questions. Depending on how much your team members work with each other, you may also want to set frequent online meetings so everyone can connect.

Be Organized

Organizing everything that’s going on remotely is another practice you must implement to manage your team efficiently. You may also want to prioritize outcomes over activity and instill independence so the team can achieve a good work-life balance.

Be Revolutionary While Running Your Business

There are numerous professional and personal benefits unlocked by remote work. Creating and managing a remote team that caters to different individual business needs requires quite the balancing act. On the other hand, because having a remote team feels like an experiment, everything else can feel like it can be more experimental, too — so go ahead and experiment!

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