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Parenthood is a beautiful phase of life, and just like аll important momentѕ оf life, it iѕ worth all the preparation and readiness required tо be the best at it. With cool baby gadgets article the personal experience is summarised. The article can be useful to parents, grandparents, friends and other relatives for the gift ideas.

The little baby is growing up towards independent eating habits. Infants are uѕuаllу ready to eat solid foodѕ at аbout 6 mоnthѕ оf аgе. Bаbу’ѕ tinу tummy starts dеvеlор the enzymes that is required tо break down solid food. Around 6 months of age, babies begin to show subtle signs that they are ready for the transitioning to solid food. It iѕ essential tо wаtсh out fоr these signs оf developmental readiness in уour bаbу.

With the baby growing, we also need to prepare the environment and obtain high chair, tableware and take care of the child’s safety around the house and kitchen. And the budget is often limited.

This article will provide you with information to make educated decision of cool baby gadgets available before the decision is made. The content below includes affiliated links. There is small compensation I earn from qualifying purchases without extra cost to you.

10 Designer made high chairs

The eye pleasing design is very important but the functionality and safety is paramount. The most important attributes are listed below along with some selected chairs.

  • Lightest
  • Best Value
  • Durable Lifetime
  • Easy to clean
  • Transforms
  • Compact
  • Design

1️⃣ Iconic Tripp Trapp high chair

Tripp Trapp iconic high chair was invented by a Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik in 1972 and was the first of its kind on the market. The Tripp Trapp chair has a simple, sleek Scandinavian design and is made of solid European beechwood. Opsvik intelligently designed the chair to be able to grow with the child. By maneuvering the seat and foot rest up and down the slats of the chair, it is able to provide a comfortable, ergonomic seat at any age. The Tripp Trapp was also made to fit right up to your dining table, encouraging children to interact alongside the rest of the family during meal times.

2️⃣ Convertible helper tower

Latvian designers invented Convertible Helper tower – table/chair based on Montessori learning principles where children are participating in household duties from early age in very playful manner. This is our favourite, Henry loves helping mama in kitchen or spending time drawing and crafting in his table/chair. The helper tower is the most practical among all cool baby gadgets selection.

3️⃣ Ergonomic Batman chair

Ergonomic Batman chair with some fun element especially appealing for dads when it’s their turn to feed the baby.

cool baby gadgets

4️⃣ Abiie Beyond wooden chair

This Abiie Beyond wooden chair will serve you many years, it is pure natural wood and has parenting awards proving functionality.

cool baby gadgets

5️⃣ Foho Baby high chair

Simplicity and style goes with the Foho Baby high chair. I am particularly found of the multiple use of the chair.

cool baby gadgets

6️⃣ Oribel Cocoon High Chair

Inspired by the butterfly, the Cocoon™ transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding chair with its unique and ergonomically designed Food & Cup Holder. Cocoon™ also comes complete with adjustable height and recline positions, easy clean foam seat, magnetic stow away tray feature and foldable design – the full set of features for the most complete high chair you can find.

The down side – it is rather difficult to move around as there is no handle. Make sure you have enough space as the chair has wider legs and takes more floor space.

7️⃣ Nomi developed from ambition

Nomi by was developed from an ambition to create the world’s best highchair for children, in terms of both form and function. Nomi is seamlessly adjusted without tools and will evolve with your child’s changing need for support at the family table. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions.

8️⃣ IKEA affordable design

Iconic IKEA Antilope high chair is the most price friendly item produced by Swedish flagman-ship manufacturer and retailer IKEA. ANTILOP high chair is easy to take apart and bring along so your child sits safely whether you are at home, at your friend’s place or at a restaurant.

9️⃣ Stig Leander chair designed by Danish

This beautifully designed Leander high chair suits your child from baby to teenager for meals, craft or home work Designed by Stig Leander born in Denmark. Stig doesn’t sketch his ideas. He dreams. He uses neither a computer nor a pad. But as an artist, he shapes his furniture using his hands and eyes.

🔟 Signet ergonomic chair

The list of designer baby high chairs would not be completed without the Signet high chair from .  Its ergonomic design and EASY convertibility (no sweating or multiple tools needed here) fits beautifully into any home. It’s safety certified and easy to clean.

Something different

This high chair is awesome versatile 3-in-1 combination easily changes into a high chair rocking horse and desk that can seat 2 Made from Solid Quarter Sawn oak hardwood with Sturdy construction : Finish Ashbury Low Sheen.

The cool baby gadgets for little ones on the beach! Our little one was 4 months old on his first trip to the beach. I searched for several weeks for some sort of device for him to be able to enjoy his first beach trip, and this chair was a lifesaver. The sunshade is perfect for keeping them out of the direct sun. The straps hold them in securely, even when they are tiny. I wasn’t super crazy about the way they fit when the leg holes are used, but aside from that, we are very pleased with our purchase. Our 3 year old uses it when brother isn’t in it, so it will definitely grow with them. It folds up into a nice, small, lightweight carrying bag, so it doesn’t take up much room, and it’s easy to carry. It sits low to the ground, and has a wide leg base, so it’s extremely sturdy, and it works really well in the sand.

Travel and portable solution

Great little item. Fits most chairs, rapid deployment and baby seems very secure and comfortable. It then folds back into a neat little bundle that fits in your changing bag or even your handbag! Washes well too. Great value so would definitely recommend this product to anyone, especially if you visit lots of restaurants and hate their high chairs!

Inglesina’s Fast Table Chair fits tables up to 3.5″ thick and is awesome for use at home or while traveling. It’s perfect for taking with you when visiting grandparents or as a second chair for baby friends. You can take to the restaurants as well. We always have many questions where we bought it when eating outside.

Table accessories

The first tableware

When the baby is seated at the table safe and comfortable, we need the first set of tableware. Again the design and functionality should go hand in hand. The sustainable bamboo dishwasher safe products are perfect fit. One cannot go wrong with selecting this colorful set for yourself or as present.

cool baby gadgets

Baby food maker

The modern household cannot function without baby food maker. Simply pop in any fresh vegetables, fruit, meat or fish and it will seamlessly steam cook and blend with the touch of a button. The one I am using at home is very practical.


Baby at the table

Babies when forming eating habits and learning how to coordinate hand movements can be very messy. Long sleeve apron is irreplaceable and will serve you not only for meal times but also for arts and crafts projects. The apron is the coolest baby gadget invented. Your baby is so active that we need several of those.

Milk snob

The multi use Milk Snob goes on my top 10 list of cool baby gadgets must haves and is quickly gaining popularity. Protects from wind and weather, and keeps germs and strangers away. I have used it for nursing, the fabric is very stretchy and comfortable. The best way to nurse in public places. I originally purchased a similar product that was a bit cheaper and ended up buying the original Milk Snob because the cheaper fabric was not very stretchable or soft. The Milk Snob can be inside out and other than the logo, you’d never know. So glad I went ahead and tried the Milk Snob. Perfect gift for expecting parents too.

Feel free to submit a comment of your gadget preferences. Have you used any of the items above?

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