THE Baby-led feeding ESSENTIAL guide book

The idea of baby-led feeding essential guide book came to us during sleepless nights tending the babies and during busy days caring for family. All the worries, terrors, uncertainty that the first time moms are going through made the book’s outline. The book is still in preparation, some insight below.

Modern moms do some research on infant care before embarking on it — that makes it a lot easier. Yes, we know how tiring research can be, and that`s why we`ve brought an easy-to-read book your way. The baby-led feeding essential guide book is a clear, practical, and informative guide on infant nutrition and feeding. It is one piece that answers your frequently asked questions and even more. Are you ready to join the A-list of smart moms? Then get a copy of The baby-led feeding essential guide book already. 

The importance of preparation before taking up any activity cannot be overemphasized — so it is for infant care. Reading is a core part of the preparation, especially in an age like ours, when there are materials on virtually everything. The baby-led feeding essential guide book is a guide through the infant nutritional aspect of parenting. It discusses infant dietary requirements, feeding methods, and allergies. Are you ready for the easiest knowledge acquisition ever?  Then this it it!!

📚What’s in it for you❓

In a world where there are various schools of thought, rumors, and myths about how best to care for a newborn, confusion is inevitable, especially as a new mum. Such confusion leads to trial and error, costly mistakes, unhealthy experimenting, and loads of avoidable risks. As a result, we deemed it fit to do some in-depth research, get experts` opinions, and some invaluable contributions from experienced moms.  With a touch of expertise, we tailored our findings to have an easy-to-read book, so you can be the best at infant nutrition and related matters. This is in a bid to have happier and more fulfilled moms with healthier children. 

We understand that infant nutrition can be quite delicate because as a mum, you don’t only have the what? question to ask, you also have the when?and sometimes how?questions too, and these are critical aspects of infant nutrition, as these constitute their level of healthiness for the present and future. Infants` nutritional behavior has long term effects on their weight, metabolic programming, and immune system, even when they become adults. This forms the basis of our emphasis that mothers need to get it right at this stage, so together; we can grow healthy children who will become healthy adults. 

✅ The baby-led feeding essential guide book

takes you through some child psychology, so as you breastfeed your baby, you understand that through imitation, they desire to be spoon-fed – the same way you and other adults around get your nutrition. The fourth chapter of the baby-led feeding essential guide book will take you through a step-by-step approach on how to spoon-feed your baby. This way, you overcome many challenges that mothers and babies face in transitioning from breastfeeding to spoon-feeding.

The book also teaches how to understand timing in infant nutrition. Your baby doesn’t tell you when they’re hungry, however, they show the signs. Understanding your baby’s hunger cues takes some stress off you and them. Timing goes beyond when to eat; it extends to phases for various kinds of meals. You will learn from the book, what your baby needs at each stage, and how best to meet their needs at different phases of their life. 

✅ The baby-led feeding essential guide book

also answers commonly asked and pertinent questions such as: 

  • When does my infant require breast milk alone?
  • At what point can my baby take formula in addition to breast milk?
  • What if I can’t breastfeed your baby?
  • How and when do I start baby-led feeding?
  • When is the right time to introduce solids?
  • How should I introduce solids to my infant’s nutrition?
  • What quantity of food is right for an infant?
  • How do I detect and deal with a food allergy?
  • What foods aren’t safe for your baby at certain stages?

Inseparably related to your baby’s nutrition is your nutrition. As a breastfeeding mum, the earlier you realize the effect of your feeding on your baby’s health, the better for you and your baby. The book will guide you through the best nutrition for your infant`s health.

✅ The baby-led feeding essential guide book

will teach you to be more deliberate about feeding your baby, as it explains the nutrients that babies need to grow and stay healthy. You will also realize that there are children who require special nutrition for specific reasons such as premature birth, low birth weight, among other conditions. 

To sum up, a distinctive feature of The baby-led feeding essential guide book that cuts across all of its chapters is the descriptive approach we have adopted. This is different from the prescriptive approach which many traditional books on baby nutrition take.  We believe that it`s not enough to know what to do; knowing why you should do it makes it easier and more reasonable to carry out the recommended actions. Also, the book is chronologically structured, so it practically takes you through your baby`s growth process. It also puts into consideration that all children are not the same, so it gives you suggestions on alternative approaches if certain actions don`t give expected outcomes. This is different from the straight-jacketed approach that some books and pieces of advice take. What better way is there to be a 21st-century mum?

Do you desire to rise above the ordinary in baby nutrition? Did you answer a “yes” to that? Then you need a copy of The baby-led feeding essential guide book! See how hassle-free your next child nutrition will be as you read the book!

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