The best first year’s toys for boys

As my baby boy grows, I keep him busy with different activities where toys are great helpers. After 6 months the babies can sit, bounce, creep, and stand on their own. The usual things they like to play with are toys that can be dropped, stack up, and open and shut. We have three babies in the family and toys are “tested” by all of them. We have listed handpicked toys below for boys from infant and baby age till toddler. Although the first year’s toys are not gender specific – we only have boys in our family.

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Motor skill development

motor skill is simply an action that involves your baby using his muscles. Gross motor skills are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. So crawling, running, and jumping are gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills are smaller actions. When your baby picks things up between his finger and thumb, or wriggles his toes in the sand, he’s using his fine motor skills. But it’s not just about fingers and toes. When your baby uses his lips and tongue to taste and feel objects he’s using fine motor skills, too.

✅ Iglu soft blocks

Iglu soft block prices is Latvian brand PEPI RER, the largest polyethylene foam producer in Baltic states, with over 20 years of experience. Every soft play shape is made with pure handwork. The best taoy for babies when they start crawling and developing the motor skills and balance coordination. It’s great investment and will keep your child engaged for years to come. We have 5 shape set and will buy the next set soon.

✅ Fold-Up Play Tunnel and Pop Up Tent

IKEA “Busa” Fold-Up Play Tunnel and “Busa” Childrens Pop Up Tent will keep the kid entertained from 6-8 months till early school ages.

Baby playballs

The play-balls is brilliant idea, you can fill the large box or and let the baby to play inside.

✅ The best activity toys for the first year

✅ Bath time toys


The books is best ultimate learning toy and it’s never too early to start. Baby first book teaches your little one how different things feel by touch with these soft books, watch them get excited over touching textures, and teaches them basic reading and comprehension, sea world, animal world,number, vegetable,fruit,vehice. These cloth books also stimulate baby first year memory.

This learning toy is a real page-turner for babies and young academics. Features six sing-along nursery rhymes. Favorite book for our boys and their mothers that can sing along.

Bead roller coaster

According to IKEA manufacturer it is suitable from 18 months but our boys are playing with it from 8 month. The most excitement happens when mommy joins the game and moves the beads. This bead maze encourages cognitive development, auditory exploration, visual perception, colour and shape recognition, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and early math development, patterning, and creative expression.

Activity toys

✅ Cuddling toys

Each child is different, you will never know which toy will be the favorite and will need to buy several cuddling toys to experiment.

Soft comforter for the sleep time.

This 11.5 inch teddy bear with a classic design features a movable mouth and arms that move up and down during play. At the push of a button, the bear recites one of six different phrases and hides behind the blanket before popping back out to delight baby with an interactive game of peek-a-boo.

✅ Playing outside

Baby’s first steps

Hand-held Baby Walker
Adjustable Child Wrist Safety Strap with Lock

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