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Survival guide for the Love Supreme Jazz festival. Essential reading before booking the tickets! I have combined two years experience and illustrated with pictures the best options for unforgettable weekend of music and love 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵

* the links might change for the next year! Just Google Love Supreme Jazz Festival.


Camping is the must to embrace the atmosphere and the vibes of the festival. It is so fabulous feeling to be rocked into sleep with DJ in the background! To get the best view overlooking festival, the best sound from your tent and to hear the lineup announcements- you have to pick the premium camping. Only the premium camping is located on the hill overlooking grounds.

Make sure you buy the tickets at least couple weeks ahead.

What ticket to buy? Premium Camping tickets give you the access to the Premium Campsite (with premium toilets and showers) and as well as complimentary trolleys to the Premium Campsite. This doesn’t include access to the Supremium Arena Area.

The view from my tent

Camping can only be booked for the whole weekend, not for a single night. The weekend premium camping in 2019 was £258.50 including the booking fees.

👉Arriving early on Friday is essential to get the best spot – not too far from the entrance as you will walk there several times a day. The camping is open from 12, arrival around 3pm is sufficient.

The caravan/ campervan camping is rather far away, you cannot hear what is happening in the festival. However if you wish to have your own facilities- that’s the solution.

The facilities were good in the premium campsite, just try to avoid the rush hours.

2. Supremium camping tickets 

Supremium camping tickets give access to the Premium Campsite and complimentary trolleys PLUS exclusive access to the Supremium Arena Area.

👉 Supremium area means dedicated seating area and while it might seem unnecessary for the festival- I would highly recommend it if you wish to listen the music without an interruption from people moving around and smokers being close by. Also you would not need to carry you chair around the whole day when the dedicated seating area is available . And If you still wish to join the crowd- it’s still possible 🤣. The price for supremium camping ticket was £275 in 2019 and they sell out fast.

3. Glamping as the best option 

Glamping can be found under accommodations that needs to be purchased separately from hotel bell tent – meaning the price is on top of everything else.

Have not heard about the Glamping? Glamping means when the tent is pre-set for you with an inflatable mattress or real bed inside the tent, no en-suite though. The glamping will add an unforgettable experience combining luxury and outdoors adventure catering everyone’s taste. It’s not the festival survival anymore, it’s truly amazing event!

In addition they offer reception, pamper tent and phone charging facilities.


For premium camping and glamping, use yellow VIP parking. Parking for the weekend was £15, ticket does not indicate which parking, pick yourself by looking on the site map.

5. The app!!!

The app is a must! You can mark your favourite lineup and get reminders before the gig starts. You can also get other notifications if you sign up for.

5. What to pack for the jazz festival survival

  • Regardless which options you choose – take the picnic blanket with you.
  • Foldable chair if you opted out from supremium ticket.
  • Empty water bottle, you can refill it for free.
  • Power bank to charge your mobile phone, although you can do it on site for £5 one hour charging.
  • Sleeping mask as there is an all night light in the camping.

Looking forward to the next festival, see you there! Bye 👋