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A4 PDF Manifesting with the Moon digital file for instant download and printing at home.

31 pages contains the following information:

  • Moon phases
  • New Moon & Tarot Card Spread
  • Full Moon & Tarot Card Spread
  • 10 Moon Phases Manifesting Planner Pages
  • Moon Phase Manifesting Notes
  • Daily Planner
  • Lined Journal Page
  • Zodiac Symbols and Dates
  • Full Moon schedule and names for 2020
  • 12 Detailed Monthly Moon Calendar Pages for 2020


Manifesting with the Moon will provide the structure of the manifesting based on the different Moon phases.  Being Grateful is one aspect of your spiritual journey. Being Grateful is saying thank you to the Universe or God for what you have. Feeling grateful will replace all your negative emotions creating energetic field ready to receive. The question is: do you know what you want to receive? Do you have your vision board? Click here to learn how to create the vision board before you start manifesting.
It is a well-known fact that the Moon affects Earth, as one example, we can take the Moon’s gravitational pull, which creates the ocean tides that rise and fall every 12.4 hours. The Moon’s energy also amplifies our emotions. Think of it as the changing tides: when it’s full, it can bring all of your feelings to the surface.

For more practical information on how to apply the Moon rituals, press HERE.


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