Write your own spiritual blog with those guided write-in journals! You can trust the book your deepest secrets, something you will never reveal to anyone. And you can even destroy the book without a trace – something you cannot do with the on-line posts.

When genuinely grateful, all negative emotions dissolve giving place to the peaceful mindfulness. Bring magic in your life with Gratitude Book Spiritual Journal. It is essential to remind yourself of what good has happened today, yesterday, the day before. The life quality is increasing with each day you start or end with positive emotions. Nothing is too small for gratitude – it can be an easy trip, a good book, co-workers smile, a cup of tea.

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Fake it till you make it is a good advise for the positive attitude. However you should not suppress your feelings under a fake smile. It is difficult to focus on positive aspect of your life and surrender when you are just starting your gratitude journey. Have you had sleepless nights full with worries? The stories in your head keeps coming back and back again? Have you been annoyed and angry about particular person or event? There are those days when everything and everyone is driving you mad. When you need to let the steam out, when action is required instead of meditation and surrender. Write it down in your own spiritual blog.

Easy to Burn Journal is not your usual gratitude notebook, it is your darkest secret keeper. Your Spiritual Blog.

Write it down, put on the paper – all negativity, sorrows, anger, frustration. Be honest with yourself – note down all your darkest secrets and destroy the book when the fool moon shines! The Moon’s energy amplifies our emotions, when it’s full, it can bring all of your feelings to the surface.

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Do not suppress your negative emotions, do not pile it up or mask behind a fake good feeling. Get the negative and troublesome thoughts out on the paper. Be brutally honest with yourself, the journal is just for you and even better – you can destroy the journal at any moment with all the negativity in it. Do not carry along the offenses, jealousy, feeling of luck and not being enough – put it out on the paper and let it go. .

The journaling can be started at any time, but the best time to destroy the book is on the date of full Moon when your feelings are brought on the surface by the active Moon phase. Keep this practice as part of your spiritual journey, with less and less entries to be written in until you do not need it anymore.

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