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Camping survival gadgets

Nothing gives stronger sense of freedom than fun and adventurous road trip. I always want things to go as smooth as possible, but for that a preparation is required. Camping survival gadgets can go a long way and make a trip much more enjoyable. Check out this road trip checklist with the essentials items that can help in many ways. Make the trip more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Stay ready, stay sharp! For the tent buying guide check out the link here.

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✅ Traveling after dark with Sun power

Sun powered inflatable light, note – there is no batteries. Will not work without sun charging. Luci is original brand of inflatable solar light, there are many cheaper products but I love the simplicity and reliability of Luci product.

✅ Coleman 360

How about something really cool: Coleman Led lantern is also a Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable and works with batteries.

Torch and headlights

Stay sharp after sunset, light up your tent and simply have an ability to move around in the darkness. The flashlight, torch or headlights have an unmatched value as an item during road trips and other activities you might engage during your journey.

You can find the independent research of the best headlamps in the Clever Hiker blog.

It might seem like a useless item at first, but the more you will travel the more you will realize why flashlight made up this list as the camping survival gadget! Don’t use the phone flashlight – that will drain the battery. Use the phone as communication mean while in wilderness.

While headlamps are becoming more and more popular as time goes, folks are still purchasing flashlights in almost record numbers – taking advantage of advanced LED technology to guarantee that they aren’t ever left alone in the dark.” The most popular torch review on Bright Ideas.

Taking advantage of C4 LED technology, this model is impervious to shock related damage. The head has an anti-roll mechanism, which prevents the flashlight from rolling away when you put it down. The IPX4 water-resistant rating means it is waterproof up to two meters.

✅ A New Age of Wireless Speakers

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Microphone – Sand Stone . Finally a portable speaker that offers balanced sound, customisable EQ and a compact enough size. The B&O offers an app which can be used to adjust the sound to your liking. Battery is not that great but decent for the size . I take the speaker everywhere I go (I travel with work a lot) and it keeps me company. It can go loud without distorting. It is loud enough to entertain a group of people in a small living room

✅ Sunscreen

Young or old, we simply have to take care of our skin at all times. And I’m pretty sure that chances of your road trip to be full of the sun is as high as the sun itself.

Whether you plan to climb high peaks, go sunbathing in beaches, camp under the trees or hike across countryside roads, sunscreen will come in very helpful at all situations.

✅ Power Bank

Today, our phones are just as multi-functional as those swiss army knives. They show us the way, capture the best moments, allows us to stay in touch with people and beyond. With that many aspects, comes great responsibility for your phone’s battery to keep up.

Help the battery out by packing in a portable charger, and stay in the right direction without losing the signal at the most important moments!

800 Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Charger Waterproof Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels for iphone, ipad, Samsung, Smartphones and More

✅ Alternative power

How about charging phone while making a cup of tee? Burning only wood, the CampStove 2’s fan creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes while turning its heat into usable electricity. Boils 1L of water in 4.5 minutes

✅ Washing clothes

With the worlds smallest washing machine I could save €5 for each washing cycle using camping utilities, no queuing, any time, any place.

✅ Organised campsite

Avoid mess in the campsite and keep belongings organised with this simple helper. Either stretch it outside between the trees or inside the tent.

✅ Outdoors robe/jacket

Red Paddle changing coat/jacket is my most valuable investment to start and end the day when walking to the campsite communal showers. It’s great to cuddle in at the campfire. Shield yourself from the elements with the jacket, a robe designed with outdoor adventures in mind. The outline is waterproof with super soft moisture wicking fur lining – pulls water away from skin, drying you effectively and keeping you super warm . The definite thing needed for camping trip!

✅ Portable shower

If you camp in wilderness outside of civilisation and utilities are not available, take with you the portable 20 L solar powered shower bag.

✅ Privacy shelter

When you travel with tent that is not full height either pop-up tent or stingray, the privacy shelter comes very handy. You can use it to change the clothes, hang and dry the clothes, for improvised shower room or even toilet. Or just an extra storage place.

✅ For coffee lowers

I never travel without my espresso maker, mornings have a different flavor with hot coffee. Minipresso has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine.  Minipresso is hand operated, no battery, no electric power need

✅ Cooking gear

I do not cook, but many people do. Make sure you camp with someone who knows how to use the kit. All-in-one 24pc kitchen set includes all utensils needed for any gourmet expedition

✅ Onja Stove – Primus

Thanks to the carrying strap the stove is easy to bring along and functions just as well on the city excursion to the park as on the weekend trip with the kayak. When extended the body becomes a stable cooking unit that also protects the burners from the wind. The top is covered with an oak lid that doubles as a cutting board or as a plate to serve food on. Powered by Primus 100 g, 230 g or 450 g canister gas. There is also a Duo valve version that fits most gas cartridges with a valve on the market, perfect for those who bring the stove with them when travelling.

✅ Inflatable Lounger

Perfect invention, lightweight and easy self-inflatable with swift breeze, no pump needed. Can be used when camping, in a pool or on a beach. Happy lounging!

✅ Folding washing basin

The basin holds 8,5L and is useful when cooking or cleaning the dishes. Or for washings kids 🙂

✅ Gotenna Mesh antena

Meet the sleek, lightweight device that pairs with your smartphone, and keeps your group connected when venturing off grid.

  • Send text & GPS locations without cell or wifi
  • Works with any iOS or Android smartphone
  • Typically up to 4 miles point-to-point range
  • Mesh-networking enabled to privately relay messages
  • Micro USB charging cables included
  • 1-year limited warranty

✅ Mosquito repellent

Let’s face it, as much as we love nature, bugs are simply not fun and sometimes borderline annoying! Whether it is that one fly that simply refuses to abandon either your car or a tent or group of hungry mosquitos chasing you down on your hike, bug spray is that one essential you want to not forget during your road trip!

The high tech mosquito repellent is excellent choice. Thermacell uses heat to activate a proven repellent system. A tiny amount of repellent creates a 20-square-meter “Zone of Protection” area around the user. In this way, mosquitoes and midges are stopped in flight instead of on one’s skin, so Thermacell reduces both bites and the annoyance of buzzing mosquitoes and midges. Thermacell products are highly effective and have earned the respect and trust of outdoor experts around the world. More information from producer.

✅ Sunglasses with HD recorder

HD video sunglasses are perfect to capture a SnapChat moment while you are busy with driving, climbing, rowing, etc… Exporting the footage in different formats to your phone and then the Internet is available. The footage isn’t great but definitely acceptable for a tiny camera on your face.

✅ Filter Water Bottle

This item removes 99.9% of bacteria and parasites and also softens the water and removes odor. You have to use your mouth to suck the water through the filter as you drink, so you can’t fill a cup, but the bottle holds plenty of volume to fill the equivalent of a cup obviously.  I am not going hiking that often but I do have my water bottle with me every day, and especially when I am Nordic Walking or Jogging.

✅ Smartphone Touchscreen Gloves

Isn’t that annoying when you have take off the gloves to operate your phone? There is solution for the outdoor hiking, biking, climbing, gardening etc glows

✅ The HEAT company Insole Foot Warmers

Self adhesive – Ideal for ski boots. 7 hours life, instant heat. I use them for spending time outdoors with children or dog walking.

Gopro and accessories

Ever wonder how people get those incredible split shots in the water?  The dome port is required if you want to capture half half images above and under water plus improve your camera underwater shots with wide angle. Take your photography to the next level with this underwater Go Pro accessory. Of course you need to have Gopro Hero 7/6/5/2018 as well.

✅ Swiss Army Knife

Camping survival gadgets

Once you embark on the journey, be it a quick weekend affair or a summer road trip, you never know what you will encounter. And this is where one of the most essential of the essentials comes in, the unbeatable swiss army knife!

Equipped with 12 functions such as bottle opener, screwdriver and many more, it will aid you at almost any situation you can come across in on your road trip. Swiss Army Knife is simply a must!

✅ All in one pack

Tired of nitpicking essentials? The kit below has most of it, so they claim. Practical survival tools and protective equipment – only practical, personalized customized emergency survival tools, multi-function knife, emergency blanket, silver whistle, compass, keychain light, fire starter, velvet, wire saw, Tactical flashlight (without AA batteries), object buckle, Paracord Bracelet, to meet your outdoor adventure hobbies and needs.

✅ First Aid Kit

Swiss Army knife may give you the functionality and bug spray will keep you comfortable, but safety one of another camping survival gadgets function.

You have to be ready for everything because during the road trip anything can happen. And maybe it is just a little bruise after all, but to avoid infection and stay safe, first aid kit will come in handy for sure as well as for many other instances!

If you go off-trail, take the first aid kit designed for serious outdoor adventures. The Light and Dry Nano is ideal for trail running, cycling, adventure racing or even triathlon. Includes a compact and lightweight waterproof inner bag containing all the essential but basic items so you can keep going fast while remaining safe.

Back to the easy camping road trip checklist.

Can you recommend any other essential camping survival gadgets? Do not hesitate to share the links and reviews in the comments below.

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Mt Pilatus gondola ride from Lucerne

Switzerland is one of most beautiful countries in the world and you cannot afford remaining in one place too long to see it all. One day Mt Pilatus experience with gondola ride from Lucerne called Golden round trip is the best you can do when short in time. Lucerne is lively city on the lake well known for the preserved medieval architecture with Mount Pilatus majestically reflecting in the lake . The city burst with laughter and joy, the lakeside restaurants are full with people and many attractions available on the lake. You can rent varieties of floating devices or step on the board of cruise boat.

Enjoy a scenic 1-hour cruise in Lucerne onboard a fantastic panoramic yacht. Sit back and relax as you cruise towards Meggenhorn Castle and admire the views of luxurious villas, hilly landscapes, and the deep blue lake.

Lucerne the place where culture, history and nature collides

The most popular event is Summer Festival 16.08.-15.09.2019 offering four weeks of more than 100 classical music stars performances in one place .

For the nature admirers there is The Golden round trip that takes you to the most spectacular spots on the Mount Pilatus. Scenic boats, cogwheel railway, aerial cableway and Panorama Gondolas are at your disposal to make one day Mt Pilatus experience with gondola ride from Lucerne unforgettable. To embrace the golden round trip, you really need to stay two nights in Lucerne.

The best start of the trip is heading out to Kriens and going up to Mount Pilatus with gondola. Take the train and boat combination back to the city. You can also spend a few hours hiking and enjoying the magnificent view before heading back, if the weather is nice.

Mt Pilatus gondola ride from Lucerne, golden trip

Places to stay when you are visiting Mount Pilatus

In my last trip, I have chosen to stay in pedestrian part of the town where numerous hotels are located right on the lake with frontside restaurants invitingly laying right on the walkway. It’s a great choice and reasonable price if you book the last minute (€100) however you cannot park the car in the old town adding extra parking cost for the night (~€20) when parking at the train station.

The most exquisite place to stay is hotel Bürgenstock offering the Alpine Spa relaxation and wellness over 10,000 m2. This is absolutely stunning architecture master piece that you cannot skip visiting when in Lucerne.

Located in the heart of the resort, Bürgenstock Hotel offers breathtaking views of the lake Lucerne from its 102 rooms & suites
Innovative architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows reveal stunning lake and mountain panoramas. Urban. Chic. Breathtaking.

If €1000 per night seems a bit high, then you can always book a treatment in the Alpine SPA and visit the place while staying in the city centre to enjoy the lively night life.

Alpine SPA – the wellspring of vitality and a new zest for life. Wellness & wellbeing – floating between water and sky. Immersed in a breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne and the iconic Alpine landmarks, pamper yourself with an exclusive wellness experience. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the infinity edge pool and dive into a diverse spa landscape

The other hotel choices could be Cascada Boutique Hotel aprox £241 per night or Radisson Blue hotel for aprox £250 per night.

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Mt Pilatus experience with gondola ride from Lucerne
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The trip is over, the journey is not

The trip had a perfect ending – the stylish and comfy Indigo hotel in the center of the Shakespeare town Stratford-upon-Avon.

After the 2000 miles I certainly deserve the super comfy bed and a cup of rosebud tea provided by Indigo hotel.

Happy me

The rosebud tea, the scent could not be pictured

The Netherlands- Belgium- France- Germany-Austria-Italy-France route took 16 days and I crossed Alps twice. There is so much to see in the area – I am coming back to explore the thermal waters, see the map below.

The best Thermal SPA across the Europe

Follow me to the journey through the thermal spring places including Evian, SPA, Chaudfontaine.

The shortest return trip from Lucerne to Calais (Eurotunel) is via France. There is the famous city Reims on the way with champagne houses and vineyards- but that’s for another trip.

The drive through France was very pleasant, highway with speed restriction 135, almost no traffic. Made it in one day.


Wait a minute. A chance to visit the iconic city of love? Venice is one of those places to visit at least once in a lifetime!

Before you go to Venice, you absolutely must watch movie “The Tourist” 2010 American romantic triller staring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The story is unveiling in Venice with the utmost luxury hotel The Danieli as the centrepiece where the room cost from €600 till €9000 for Doge Dandolo Royal Suite. You can always have a cold refreshments in the lobby bar even when not staying in the hotel. Enjoy 🥂chin-chin

And now the Venice how I see it: unique, with character and charming.

I always keep thinking how on earth they buy and move furniture? The grocery shopping without a car?! There are two options how to move around: walking or by boat.

Not many parks and green places there and although on the water- there is nowhere to swim.

The weather catastrophies can be rather dramatic- from floods till dried out canals – what disaster and smell that brings- the whole city must be paralysed.

Venice canals dried out in 2018

The spectacular centrepiece of Venice, St Mark’s Square, now floods more than 60 times a year.

Anyway- pack your suitcase and go, just out of the tourist season please as it’s truly crowded (20 mil tourists annually). The municipality even are putting up the crowd control barriers.

However if you step aside to the smaller streets- you can enjoy some quiet time and who knows- maybe even paddling.

With limited time here, and eyes already set on the next stop, it is more than important to make it count. A few classics of Venice should do the trick!

Head to the pulsing heart of the floating city, the  St. Mark’s Square and marvel at stunning scenery all around you alongside buzzing tourists and children chasing pigeons. Hosting iconic and most beautiful landmarks such as St Mark’s Basilica and many more, it is a place impossible to miss in Venice.

The second trick is, of course, a soothing sail through the famous Grand Canal. Whether it’s a classic Venetian Gondolas, water bus or taxis, discover charming buildings from the 13th century to the 18th as it is one of the best ways to admire and explore Venice. You can take the waterbuss for €8 for one journey or ~€20 for a day ticket. Enjoy!!!

With love 💕 from Venice

Back to the trip

The fairytale castle

There are many rankings of the world most famous castles but Neuschwanstein is in all of them. It is called fairytale castle due to the idealised romantic architecture.

It took me 6 hours to drive 633km with average speed 106km/h and fuel consumption of 8L/100km from the stop 3 on my way to Venice. I arrived when the castle was closed and I was relieved seeing the crowds of tourists leaving. I had the castle surroundings for the exploration on my own. There might be up to 6000 visitors a day in a summer period.

Although it was getting dark and raining heavily- I managed to get some decent shots on my iPhone XS.

The last two pictures were taken from the skywalk bridge that was slippery, covered with snow and the wooden planks were bending under the weight of people exposing the depth beneath.

Despite of the looks, the castle is not medieval, Ludwig II constructed this fairytale castle in 1869 for pure pleasure and to the honour of Ludwig Wagner who never visited the place. Ludwig II himself spent only 11 nights in the castle and it was never finished even at Ludwig ‘s death in 1886 (in 17 years). Many rooms are empty and not completed today. According to the initial plans, the castle was meant to have more than 200 rooms. The unfinished part is not open to public, only 14 rooms can be visited.

The iconic Cinderella’s castle at Disney World and Sleeping Beauty’ castle in Disney Land are modeled after Neuschwanstein Castle.

Tomorrow I will continue my journey to Venice, only 4 hours to drive till the next stop in Bassano del Grappa.

Back to Amsterdam- Venice road trip

Do you know where SPA originated?

The way to Venice leads me through the small town in Belgium named Spa which is famous for two reasons:

1. It is known for its mineral-rich waters, it’s where the “original” spa name originated from, i.e. a place where tourists came in to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of water and hot springs in particular. The springs in Spa became so popular that the name became genericized to mean any such place.

2. Apart from the mineral waters, Spa also draws crowds several times a year when F1 racing and other events are held at the nearby Spa-Francorchamps racecourse.


I witnessed both today. You do not need booking for Les Thermes where 3 hours cost €20, full day €31. Although it is much more fun in winter with the heated outdoor pool.


Francorchamps were hosting world rally championship today with Latvian racer Jānis Baumanis car number 6 in the pics. Jānis did very well today, the final is tomorrow- I will need to follow up on the Internet.

Back to Amsterdam – Venice road trip

Proud Latvian

Domaine LongPre

Road trip Amsterdam – Venice: Stop 2

What a beautiful place, I keep coming back again and again. Definitely good vibes! Here you will find holiday homes (bungalows and flats) spreading comfortably in the curve of the river with reception, restaurant, swimming pool, children playground and tennis courts. What else to ask for 🤗

Nearby are some charming villages and lovely little towns such as Malmedy, Spa, Coo. There are countless typical cafes where they serve Belgian beers and cosy restaurants. 

All in all – it’s much better choice than a hotel stay – more space, more air, more freedom.

Return to Road trip Amsterdam – Venice


Return to Road trip Amsterdam – Venice

No makeup?

Sometimes I rush out in the mornings excited about the new day and the new adventures realising later that the makeup is missing 😄

Don’t panic- there is a solution: FaceApp. You can add makeup, change hair colour and men can even play around with their beards 🙂

See below… any thoughts?

And…The Journey Begins

Don’t we all like the beautiful travel images posted on the instagram, well – at least the likeminded people that are social media savvy 😉

But what’s behind the image? How to plan the travel? What tools and apps to use? How to use the technologies to advance our life? How to make the travel effortless?

Behind my scenes blog will capture the story behind my instagram pictures by sharing the knowledge and my personal experience how to use tools for travel planning, picture editing, notes taking, gadgets and everything else that helps us to enhance our lives.

Continue reading And…The Journey Begins