20 years of business process redesign experience is condensed in the simple business planner for small businesses. When I started my own blogging and book publishing business, I quickly realized that laptop, iPad and iPhone are not sufficient to navigate through all information you need for your business. It takes too much time jumping from one sheet to another, opening new document just to scrabble down the idea. I created this simple business tracker for myself and friends. Please get in touch and let me know how it works for you.

Look no further: the Successful Business Planner Notebook for small businesses is here! Collect all your information in one place! Use it to track and grow your business on Amazon, Etsy and eBay. The notebook is a must for growing any online project like blogs, YouTube tutoring, website design or influencer accounts. And if you own or want to start a small baking, catering, cleaning service business or any charity project, then order the notebook now! Perfect for home-based businesses. Help your friends to get on track with this easy tool-set. Order it now!

Why Smart Business Notebook?

This is not your usual expense tracker. The Smart Business Notebook makes you brainstorm about your business goals and vision by filling in the vital information. Collaboration: describe your team, list your business partners and influencers that inspire you. Evaluate your suppliers based on quality and on-time delivery. Write down references and resources, fill in FAQ sheet. For the planning and tracking – start with yearly plan and break it down per month.List all advertisements and business announcements in the journal. Plan your production release on a weekly level, and there are 52 spreads to get you through the whole year.List all your products and start developing new products by writing down ideas and actions to launch new products.

There are different covers created for the same content, pick yours!

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